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We, at iPrep, are working hard to cover as many pre-employment tests as possible. There are actually hundreds of tests and test variations, which make this an impossible job. Having said that, following are the most popular ones – with a brief explanation for each – all covered on iPrep:

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a cognitive ability test which accurately predicts your success on every type of job. Developed by Criteria, this scientifically valid and accurate online test is widely used by recruiters to test your critical thinking, problem-solving, learning ability and ability to apply new information. In this test, you are assessed on three main aspects of cognition: (1) Logic and Math (2) Verbal Reasoning, and (3) Spatial Reasoning with 50 questions to be answered within 15 minutes.

Because the CCAT delivers a quick and insightful report, several organizations rely on this recruitment test for their hiring process. A CCAT report consists of raw scores, percentile ranking, and sub-scores which clearly reveal your individual cognitive ability as well as your relative cognitive ability with respect to other participants of the test.

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Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT)

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT), developed by International Union of Elevator Construction and National Elevator Industry, is a pre-employment assessment test which helps enhance your skills and knowledge within the elevator industry. As the name indicates, the EIAT measures your ability to work in the elevator industry. This cognitive aptitude test has two parts: (1) A pre-apprenticeship aptitude test in which you need to obtain a minimum score of 70% in order to pass, and (2) A 15-20 minutes test-interview conducted by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee where you will be interviewed by several interviewers and your final interview score will be the average of two of their highest scores.

The first part assesses your reading comprehension, mechanical ability, and numerical ability, whereas the second part assesses your behavior, personality, work experience, school report, and mechanical skills. The final EIAT score is created by the 4-tier system in the final assessment.

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Matrigma Test

The Matrigma test is Assessio International’s classic recruitment tool to determine your job success by assessing your cognitive abilities. It measures problem-solving, logical ability, and ability to draw conclusions with 35 questions to be answered within 40 minutes. Also known as Hogan Matrigma, this cognitive ability test gives you an instant report, which contains reliable and accurate information, immediately after you complete the test.

You also get a relative score which is the score against other people who took Matrigma test. The Matrigma Test is flexible to administer which, here, implies that you can have it with or without supervision. Due to the randomization of questions, no two people will take the same test making it one of the most reliable pre-employment tests.

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McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT)

The McQuiag Mental Agility Test (MMAT), formerly known as McQuiag Occupational Test, measures your normal mental agility, like the speed of thought and other aspects of intelligence needed to perform a job. With a set of 50 multiple choice questions and a time limit of 15 minutes, the test aims to assess your ability to think, learn, and quickly grasp new information. The questions are based on vocabulary, reasoning, and mathematics.

The result of the test determines your mental intelligence for performing a job, which is impossible for a recruiter to assume with just a resume. The MMAT is, in fact, also a personality test to assess your core temperament as an employee. There is no passing or failing the test but rather it measures your fit for a particular position.

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Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in collaboration with the National Electrical Association (NECA) formed the Electrical Training Alliance which aims to provide those who want to be electrical apprentices the latest training programs of the electrical construction industry.

If you’re looking forward to becoming both a licensed electrician and a certified technician, the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test is going to help you. This pre-employment assessment test consists of two sections: (1) algebra and (2) reading comprehension. You are required to complete these sections in 2.5 hours. In order to pass the test, you must obtain a minimum score of 4 out of 9. If you’re interested in enrolling in an electrical apprenticeship program, you can take this test by first filling out an application form online.

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Object Recognition Test (ORT) and XRAY Test

The Object Recognition Test (ORT) and XRAY Test are part of the Transportation Security Test (TSA) and must be passed if you are looking to be hired as a pre-boarding screening officer. After you are assessed on basic English skills in the first section, you need to identify particular objects in X-ray images in the second section of the ORT. Here you will be presented with complex X-ray images of luggage, out of which you will need to identify objects like a hammer, gun, knife…etc. that are hiding behind or blending with other objects. And this, you must do it within 15 seconds. Sometimes, the objects to be identified are less threatening such as bottles, chargers, shoes…etc.

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Predictive Index (PI) Cognitive Assessment

The Predictive Index (PI) Cognitive Assessment (aka PILI or PI Learning Indicator) is a comprehensive employment test for measuring your mental abilities. It was formerly known as Professional Index Learning Indicator (PILI). It primarily tests your current skills and readiness to perform a role. The degree mentioned in your resume doesn’t necessarily indicate how well you have performed while earning it even though it might be relevant to the applied position.

The PILI, therefore, highlights your ability to learn and grasp new things apart from your degree. With 50 questions and a time limit of 12 minutes, it accurately judges your learning capacity, thinking capacity, and knowledge acquisition capabilities. Like many other pre-employment tests, this test is scientifically approved and produces a report that reveals accurate and reliable information regarding your cognitive abilities.

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Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test or RCAT is a well-known test used by the recruiters who seek to hire innovative employees. If you have the ability to easily process numeric, abstract, or verbal information, this test should be a cinch. It is comprised of 51 questions that need to be answered within 20 minutes. It is all about being tested for a high mental ability and great problem-solving skills which cannot be presented through your resume or interview.

The RCAT is an assessment tool distinguished for its ability to measure your above-average thinking capacity or higher level of cognitive skills with a broad range of tough questions. If you want to take the RCAT, it is readily available online.

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Watson Glaser Test (WGCTA)

In order to measure your critical thinking skills, the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test (WGCTA) or Watson Glaser Test was created by Goodwin Watson and Edward Glaser. Critical thinking means thinking creatively and reasonably by linking information from various sources to a particular problem. WGCTA is a pre-employment test which has 40 questions and a 30 minutes time limit, to accurately assess different aspects of your critical thinking skills such as:

  • Recognizing assumptions
  • Evaluating arguments
  • Drawing conclusions

Since this is all about your critical thinking skills, you might be expected to have high problem-solving skills as well as the ability to analyze the pros and cons before making a conclusion. It is used by recruiters who want to hire talented people for the position of managers or future leaders. It is available for you to take online as well as on paper and it is administered in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

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Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT)

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) specializes in assessing your cognitive abilities, such as learning a specific task, solving problems, following instructions, and adapting existing knowledge to new situations. The result of this test gives hiring managers an idea of your future job performance and retention, enabling them to make the best hiring decision. WPT questions are based on math, vocabulary, and grammar and test your complex mental abilities like abstract thinking, logical thinking, serial thinking, critical thinking, and complex math problems.

Wonderlic’s scoring system is advanced, standardized, and accurately predict your job potential. The WPT consists of two versions: Wonderlic Personnel Test Quickest (WPT-Q) with 30 questions and an 8 minutes time limit, and Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R) with 50 questions and a 12 minutes time limit. If you successfully pass WPT-Q, then you might be asked to take the WPT-R which is a full-length test. It is available online and can be taken individually or in a large group.

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