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Previously known as the OCAT, the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) is a psychometric test from the Revelian Company. It requires candidates to process numeric, abstract, or verbal information in an effort to assist hiring personnel with identifying innovative recruitment candidates. It’s a 20-minute test with 51 questions given to job seekers to judge certain skills most interviewers are unable to assess during verbal interviews.

To pass the test, the candidate must possess a high mental ability and should maintain good problem-solving skills. Employers often think that if a person has done well in the interview and possess excellent related experience and the right qualifications, they are perfect for the job. However, such things only showcase a person’s on-paper skills, not how proficient they are in solving problems, or how superior their interpersonal skills are.

It’s a 20-minute test with 51 questions. It measures not only your job-related abilities but also interpersonal skills, general intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

Therefore, the RCAT assists employers in finding the one candidate who not only has high cognitive skills, but also can think “outside the box.” With a broad range of questions and increasing levels of difficulty, the RCAT offers a comprehensive assessment to gauge the cognitive abilities of the candidate. It’s one of the best and most used online tests for the organizational hiring of skilled people.

With the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test, the recruiter can predict a candidate’s future performance at work, their ability to solve difficult problems, and their general intelligence.

Test Features

Easy to administer

Since it’s a cloud-based test, candidates can easily take this test from anywhere. Questions are asked from three sections: verbal, numerical, and abstract. The questions are selected randomly via Revelian’s LOTF (Linear-on-the-Fly) software. The candidate is given 51 random questions, with the level of difficulty increasing as the test goes on.

Used to hire job-friendly people

Since RCAT measures the candidates’ cognitive abilities, organizations using it are sure to hire the best people for their workforce. It measures interpersonal skills, general intelligence, and problem-solving skills.


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Technical facts

How many times can I take the test?

You can take the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) only once within a 12 month period. Hence, the Revelian Company asks for the candidate’s identification details at different assessment processes – of even different companies – so that there won’t be any repetitive assessments. You will not be permitted to take the test again; instead, candidates will be given the opportunity to showcase their previous results to the recruiter.

Time constraint

Like other psychometric tests, the Revelian Cognitive test is a time-limited test in which you have only 20 minutes to complete it.

Assessment of questions

The test features 51 multiple-choice questions with each question randomly sequenced with a difficulty level that rises after each question.

3 Sections

The complete test includes three sections:

  1. Verbal: These questions will judge a candidate’s ability to interpret and judge written text. To pass this section, you must have good English skills.
  2. Abstract: You will encounter questions such as patterns, missing information, odd one out, and more.
  3. Numerical: The numerical section will feature addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication equations; therefore you should have basic math skills and practice diligently prior to the test.


  • The questions are placed in a random order.
  • Difficulty level will rise after each question.

Language support

The test is not only for native English speakers but also for non-native speakers which means anyone can take this test to achieve their desired position.

Who can take this test?

Any hiring organization can offer this test to their candidates in order to judge their abilities and interpersonal skills.


The test fits all jobs and job profiles, even those requiring different expertise and experience levels.

Test results

The test scores will be made available to the recruiter in percentile form comparing you to your peer group.

Result Scale and Interpretation

Once you complete the test, you will be provided with a percentage score comparing you to the peer groups who have already taken the test. When more than one candidate competes for the position, the results of each is compared with others. The candidates are judged by their overall performance (i.e. score) in the assessment.

Your employer’s score report will include your final score, similar to this: “Exceeded 95% of a sample of ABC Company employees”. You will also be ranked vis-a-vis the other candidates: “Candidate Rank: 1 out of 4 candidates”.

The report will include the following disclaimer: “This report is based on the results of the RCAT. This assessment provides insight into Katherine’s cognitive ability. Other qualities relevant to Katherine’s suitability for the role may be best understood using additional selection methods, such as additional psychological assessment, interviews, and reference checks. In making a final selection decision, Revelian recommends that all available information about the candidate be considered. ”

In addition, you will be ranked versus your peers using a table like this one:

RCAT score card


The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) is administered and developed in three stages:

  1. Question development: Revelian experts formulate various questions including verbal, abstract, and numerical reasoning questions.
  2. Question testing: Once the experts are done with question development and evaluation, their final subset consists of 716 questions. For each candidate, 51 questions are then selected: 17 numerical, 17 abstract and 17 verbal questions.
  3. Assessment: The final batch of questions is then computerized and administered to various industries to measure cognitive abilities.

Is the test available offline?

No, the test is only available online. One can participate in this 20-minute online test only once in 12 months.

When will I get results?

Since it’s an online test, the results are instant. After completing the test, you will be provided with the score in a percentage format.


Free Sample Questions


Test Provider

Revelian was established in 1999 and is an Australian-based organization specializing in the development and delivery of cutting-edge psychometric tests and evaluations, providing companies using their services unique, data-driven employee insights. Over 80% of the tests in their portfolio are proprietary, developed by their team of psychologists and software engineers, and used by organizations throughout the world. Each year, more than 200,000 individuals globally take the Revelian tests.

Additional recruitment tests by Revelian

  • RWRS: The test provides information about the candidate’s reliability. It assesses the candidate’s attitude towards the workplace. Sometimes the candidate’s scores are flagged as invalid if its attitude toward RWRS is not reliable.
  • RWSA-SF: This test is used to predict how a candidate will behave on the job. Candidates with high scores will manage the job well, avoid risk and will be responsible for their safety.
  • MSCEIT: This test measures an employee’s emotional intelligence by offering them problems that feature the use of emotions. It’s a good predictor for jobs that require working in teams.
  • RTPH: It’s a game-based test to evaluate various abilities and traits that are important for performing well in a job.

Once these tests are completed, the scores for each test are compared to the scores obtained by other candidates taking the test. The final results are given in percentile format for each candidate; and based on these ratings, recruiters measure employees:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Emotional intelligence
  • On-job behavior

Disclaimer – All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes. iPrep is not affiliated with Revelian, which is the owner of the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test.

Sample Questions

Sample Question 1

Are the following two words similar or opposite?

A. Sprint
B. Jog

Sample Question 2

Three of the shapes below follow the same pattern. Which two are different?
Revlian Question 2

Sample Question 3

In this matrix, identify the missing number as shown by the question mark.
Revlian Question 3

Sample Question 4

In the following set of words, which word is different from the others?

A. Indian
B. Turkish
C. French
D. Catholic
E. Czech

Tips For Passing

To ace any timed test that can get you your dream job, you should have a solid practice plan and a test-taking strategy. Although it would be a little challenging to beat the time, these handy tips can help:

General Tips

  • Bring a stopwatch and scrap paper to do draft calculations
  • There will be tricky questions, work carefully
  • Don’t rush to complete the test, focus on accuracy
  • Guess if you don’t know the answer, never leave a question unanswered

Pro Tips

  • Stay ahead of the time: Practicing before taking the test will help you ensure you can complete the test within the 20 minute time period. Altogether, there are approximately 23 seconds per question. Don’t panic, rather focus and try to complete the test. Remember, you’ll get only one chance in 12 months, so be precise, set a timeframe and practice as many questions as you can before taking the test.
  • Plan and execute: Know your strengths and weakness, and plan your test strategy accordingly. Through practice, you will know what areas you need to focus more of your strength on in practice tests, and what is easy for you to do.
  • Guess & move on: Since wrong answers will not negatively impact your overall score, and given the time limitation, guess when you don’t know the answer. Don’t spend too much time on any one question, guess the answer and move to the next one.
  • Stay Focused: Aim for answering all 51 questions, but if you are unable to do so (which is very likely), don’t panic. The test is designed in a way that only approximately 2% of the candidates can answer all questions within the time limit.
  • Check and re-check: If you have finished your test, don’t stop working. Go back to the questions you are unsure of and double-check your answers.

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