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So your job search has gotten you this far, and you are invited to take a pre-employment assessment test for a job you desire. Congratulations! Don’t take this for granted, many did not reach this point. So grab the opportunity with both hands, practice hard, and learn as much as you can about your test.

Having done that, do not underestimate the power of tactics and efficiency. below are some valuable tips that will give you a deeper understanding of pre-employment tests, and help you prepare a tactical plan for passing your aptitude test. You will also find at the bottom some valuable links to free practice resources from around the web.

Aptitude Test Tips

  1. At first, you should get information about the type of test you’re going to take from your employer. If no information was provided, reach out to them and ask for it.
  2. Take advantage of practice pre-employment tests available to get familiar with the format and timeframe of the test.
  3. Especially remember to pay attention to what kind of questions are there and how they are presented. Try to complete your practice tests within the given time limit. Using a stopwatch is helpful.
  4. It is always a good idea to calculate the amount of time you can spend on each question so that you can spend your time wisely during the practice and actual employment tests.
  5. If you are going to take it online, have a piece of scrap paper and pencil ready.
  6. Try to be quick and careful at the same time. Stay alert as the questions may be tricky.
  7. While doing your practice tests, ensure that your environmental conditions are realistic. Choose a quiet place.
  8. Some pre-employment tests might not allow you to take notes or use scrap paper. So be informed about such details beforehand.
  9. Don’t get stuck on any one question for a long time. You can usually come back to the remaining or unanswered questions after responding to the ones that you are sure of.
  10. Remember to double-check your answers on the easier questions. These are easy points that you want to make sure to get.
  11. In the case of multiple choice questions, stop the normal urge to guess the right answer. Instead, take a deep breath and use logic.
  12. Maintain a calm and confident attitude before and during the test. If you feel stressed, you might be careless, indecisive or irritated which might affect your cognitive ability.
  13. Some aptitude tests do not allow you to skip questions. If you find yourself bogged down on some difficult questions, make the best guess or simply move on after spending a reasonable amount of time on them.
  14. And yes! Don’t forget to go thoroughly over the instructions or guidelines before beginning to answer the questions.

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