Free Pymetrics Games Test Practice: 2023 Prep Guide

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Pymetrics is a New York-based company that uses the power of AI and technology to match aspiring candidates with roles that are best suited to their soft skills and knowledge. The platform features 12 individual games which are designed to assess your cognitive skills and personality traits.

This guide will provide insider information, preparation strategies, and game-changing testing tips that will boost your chances of success when taking the pymetrics assessment.

Did you know?

Pymetrics games are comprised of 12 online mini-games that serve as AI-based assessments. They include (1) Balloons, (2) Towers, (3) Money Exchange 1, (4) Money Exchange 2, (5) Keypresses, (6) Digits, (7) Cards, (8) Arrows, (9) Lengths, (10) Easy or Hard, (11) Stop 1, and (12) Facial Expressions. pymetrics games measure over 90 cognitive, social, and behavioral traits of job applicants and employees.

Pymetrics follows an unbiased, unique algorithm that allows employers to gain a better understanding of the candidates applying for positions at their company. The test replaces traditional resumes with behavioral data for a fair, science-based assessment of individuals.

Most employees and candidates enjoy playing pymetrics games as they are highly engaging. While applicants are engaged and unaware, pymetrics games assess around 90 behavioral, social, and cognitive traits. These traits fall under 9 broad categories which are used to determine the personality and character of the applicants.

Pymetrics Games Explained

The pymetrics assessment consists of 12 pre-employment games used by many of the world’s most famous and in-demand employers like Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Blackstone, and British American Tobacco (BAT). It is among the many game-based assessments that have increased in popularity over the past few years. These assessments are innocent-looking, fun to play with, and monitor the behavior of the candidate at every step.

The algorithm builds a personality profile for the candidate based on how they play the games. Instead of considering age, race, gender, color, school, background, etc, the test focuses on personality and behavior.

Pymetrics games are not scored with numbers. Instead, top-performing individuals in different positions take the pymetrics test and their performance speaks for itself.

The strategy behind this is to match candidates with their ideal jobs based on their soft skills and personality traits. Employers analyze the complete reports of the candidates and choose the ones they feel are best suited to the positions in their company.

Pymetrics 12 Core Games

Pymetrics 12 Core Games
Pymetrics 12 Core Games. Source: iPREP

The pymetrics test has 12 mini-games with each one lasting 2 to 3 minutes. The games can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes and each follows a different objective. They measure specific candidate traits. The 12 core mini-games of pymetrics assess the emotional and cognitive attributes of candidates to recognize their strengths and suggest positions that are best suited to their personalities. The gamified tests measure the candidate’s potential across their talent lifecycle. The test results are valid for 330 days and a person cannot retake the test before this period is over.

Game NameDescriptionAssessed Traits
BalloonsMeasures risk tolerance, decision-making, pattern recognition, learning, and impulsivity by pumping balloons and avoiding them from poppingRisk tolerance, decision-making, pattern recognition
Money Exchange #1Assesses trust and risk tolerance by engaging in monetary transactions with an AI-based partnerTrust, risk tolerance
Money Exchange #2Measures altruism by engaging in monetary transactions with an AI-based partner and assessing fairnessAltruism
DigitsAssesses memory and retention by memorizing and recalling sequences of digitsMemory, retention
Easy or HardMeasures motivation, effort, and strategic decision-making skills by choosing between easy and hard tasks with corresponding rewardsMotivation, effort, strategic decision-making
Stop 1Measures attention span, reaction time, and task-switching ability by pressing the spacebar when a red circle appearsAttention span, reaction time, task switching
CardsAssesses risk tolerance, pattern recognition, and learning ability by drawing cards with rewards and penalties and aiming to end the game with maximum moneyRisk tolerance, pattern recognition, learning ability
ArrowsMeasures learning, adaptivity, and attention by indicating the direction of arrows based on their color and locationLearning, adaptivity, attention
LengthsMeasures attention to detail, motivation, and learning ability by determining whether the smile on face icons is big or littleAttention to detail, motivation, learning ability
TowersAssesses problem-solving and planning abilities by arranging disks in the least number of moves to match a target imageProblem-solving, planning abilities
FacesAnalyzes emotional intelligence and perception by selecting adjectives that best describe facial expressions in photosEmotional intelligence, perception
KeypressesAssesses ability to follow instructions, impulsivity, and motor function by pressing a key as many times as possible within a given time periodAbility to follow instructions, impulsivity, motor function
Source: pymetrics

Now, let’s take a look at every game individually to better understand what they are all about –

Game 1 – Balloons Game

The Task

The Balloons game measures the candidate’s willingness to take risks The player will come across several balloons which they must pump with air. You earn more money with every successful pump. But if the balloon pops before you stop pumping, you lose your money. Every balloon color has a different explosion behavior. You need to analyze each color’s explosion pattern and play accordingly. You get $0.05 for every successful pump. Click on Collect to bank your money at any time. Otherwise, you will lose it if the balloon explodes. Average time to complete – 3 minutes


Balloons has a vibrant and simple interface. It uses balloons of various colors. There are Pump and Collect buttons below each balloon which allow you to carry out the desired actions.

Pymetrics Risk balloons
Pymetrics-Style Balloons Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What It Assesses

The pymetrics Balloons game measures the risk tolerance, decision-making, pattern recognition, learning, and impulsivity of the candidate. The results are used to predict how a candidate will react to certain situations that may arise in the day-to-day tasks they will be facing if hired.

How to Approach the Game

Initially, the player will be unaware as to when a  balloon of a particular color may explode. You must study the explosion probability of each color. When a balloon explodes, try to identify the pattern, so you can do better the next time

Game 2 – Money Exchange #1

What’s the Task 

In the game Money Exchange #1, you are randomly paired with an AI-based candidate and must make certain transactions with him or her. You earn $5  when the game starts as does your partner. Then one partner is given an additional $5 at random. The partner given the money will have the option to transfer some of their money to their partner. Next, your partner sends you back an amount of money of their choosing. You must rate the fairness of the transaction after it’s completed. Average time to complete – 10 seconds


The game has a very minimalist appearance. You see icons for both yourself and your partner along with the amount of money you have at any given time on either side of the screen. Instructions are visible in the center of the screen.

What does it Assess?

The Money Exchange #1 game measures the candidate’s trust and risk tolerance. How much money are you willing to send to a person without knowing the amount they will send in return?

How to Approach the Game & Tips 

There is no ‘right or wrong way’ when it comes to how to approach this game. You can choose any amount you want to send your partner based on your personal preference. Choosing a higher amount shows that you trust people and can cooperate with them in a team setting. Choosing a lower amount shows you like to keep things on the safe side.

Pymetrics Money Exchange
Pymetrics-Style Money-Exchange Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

Game 3 – Money Exchange #2

What’s the Task 

The Money Exchange #2 game has a similar interface and appearance to Money Exchange #1. . It pairs you with an AI-based random partner that you must transact with. . You and your partner both have  $5 at the start of the game. . One of the players will receive an extra  $5. That player will have the choice to take or receive money from their partner with a max limit of $5.   Then they will rate the transaction’s fairness. Average time to complete – 10 seconds


This game is very similar in appearance to Money Exchange #1. The player icons appear on the sides of the screen showing you the amount of money each one has in their banks at all times. The instructions appear in the center and guide you along. 

What does it Assess?  

The Money Exchange #2 game measures altruism. It analyzes how much you trust people and how much you are willing to share with them.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

Money Exchange #2 measures altruism. You can show you are altruistic by giving money to your partner. However, it is best not to give them too much money. This will establish you are also aware of your bottom line. 

Game 4 – Digits

What’s the Task  

The pymetrics Digits game measures memory and retention. A sequence of digits quickly flashes across your screen. You must memorize them as well as you can. Once they disappear, you must recall and write down the digits in the correct order. The digits increase by one number each round making the game progressively more difficult. If you make incorrect entries three times, the game will end. . Average time to complete – 2.5 minutes


After you press Start, the numbers will start flashing on your screen. You will see a field where you must enter the right sequence of digits. If you enter the sequence correctly, the numbers will flash green. If you enter them incorrectly, they will flash red. You will see Xs in the bottom right corner that keeps track of your incorrect answers.

Pymetrics Digits
Pymetrics-Style Digits Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

This game assesses the candidate’s memory and ability to retain information over a short period of time.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

Read the digits out loud as they appear. as they appear. This will improve your chance of remembering the numbers in the correct order.

Game 5 – Easy or Hard

What’s the Task  

The Easy or Hard pymetrics game assesses whether you are up for a challenge or prefer the easy route. . You have a total of 2 minutes to complete either the Easy or the Hard task as many times as you can. For Easy, you get 3 seconds to press the spacebar 5 times to fill a meter. For Hard, you get 12 seconds to press the spacebar  60 times to fill a meter. You have to choose whether you want to play the easy or hard game within 5 seconds or the AI will choose for you. 

The easy task earns you $1 while the hard task earns you $1.24 to $4.30. You will see the probability of you filling up the meter on time and receiving money for the task beforehand. If you fail you don’t win anything. Average time to complete – 2 minutes


Once you start the game, you will come across the “choose your task” screen. You will see your probability of winning on the top of the screen as well as the amount of money you can win performing the task. After you make your choice, you will see a meter that needs to be filled by pressing Spacebar within the time limit. After successfully filling the bar, you will see how much money you have earned. Then you will move on to the next task.

Pymetrics Hard or Easy
Pymetrics-Style Easy or Hard Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess? 

This pymetrics game measures motivation, effort, and strategic decision-making skills.

How to Approach the Game & Tips 

If you are given a low winning probability and low reward for the hard task, it is better to go with the easy task. This shows that you make decisions strategically and don’t waste your time with tasks that have low success rates.

Game 6 – Stop 1

What’s the Task  

The Stop 1 game prompts you to press the spacebar when you see a red circle on your screen. When a green circle appears, you should not press the spacebar. The circles flash very quickly so you will need to react right away. This game measures the candidate’s attention span, reaction time, and ability to switch from one task to the next. Average time to complete – 2 minutes


In this game, you will see red and green circles flash in the middle of the screen in alternating patterns.

Pymetrics Stop 1
Pymetrics-Style Stop 1 Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

The game assesses the candidate’s attention span and reaction time.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

When you see a prolonged sequence of red circles, start paying extra attention so you can stop when the green circle appears.

Game 7 – Cards

What’s the Task  

The Cards game involves drawing random cards from four decks to measure the candidate’s risk tolerance. Some cards offer rewards while some charge a penalty. You have to end the game with as much money as you can. 

At the start of the game, you will have $2000. You must draw cards until l the game ends. . You may change decks any time you wish. Identifying patterns in the game will increase your odds of winning. Average time to complete – 2.5 minutes


The total money you have is displayed on the top left of the screen.  Below that is a  meter showing your gains and losses. The four decks appear at the bottom of the screen.  When you click on one, it shows you the card you chose and how much it increased your gains or losses.   After the game is over, you will see your total gains and losses.

Pymetrics Cards
Pymetrics-Style Cards Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

This pymetrics Cards game assesses risk tolerance, pattern recognition, and learning ability.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

As the game progresses, you will be able to recognize patterns.  You must draw cards based on the patterns you see. . Follow a fixed strategy instead of randomly choosing decks and clicking on cards and you will be successful.

Game 8 – Arrows

What’s the Task  

In this game, multiple sets of flashing arrows will come across the screen. You have to use the keyboard arrow keys to indicate the direction the middle arrow points if the arrows are black or blue, or the direction the side arrows point if the arrows are red. Note that the center arrow may be pointing in a different direction than the side arrows. Your ability to adapt from past mistakes will be tested.


When the game starts, you will see a plus sign which will appear between every set of arrows.  

Then a set of either blue, black, or red arrows will flash across your screen. Pick the arrow key that coincides with the direction of the arrow you are meant to be focusing on.

Pymetrics Arrows
Pymetrics-Style Arrows Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

The Arrows game measures the learning, adaptivity, and attention of the candidate.

How to Approach the Game & Tips 

The game goes on for 3 minutes and includes 135 separate rounds. Therefore, you must be ready to stay focused for long periods of time.

Game 9 – Lengths

What’s the Task  

Lengthspresents the candidate with face icons, some of which have big mouths and some of which have little mouths. .. In every round, you have to decide whether the mouth is big or little. If you think the mouth is big, press the right arrow key. If you think it’s little, press the left arrow key.   You may earn money if you pick the right answer. 

Many find this game difficult because the dimensions of both mouths are similar. It is almost impossible to spot the difference without paying proper attention t. Average time to complete – 2.5 minutes


Once you click Start, you will see a + sign which will appear between every round. Then the face icon will appear on the screen. You have to press the keys accordingly. You will get a “money earned” prompt after each round, and the total money won is shown on the top left of the screen.

Pymetrics Lengths
Pymetrics-Style Lengths Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess? 

This game measures attention to detail, motivation, and the learning ability of the candidate.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

Note that you will not get money every time you get the answer correct. Just consider the payment as a probability and pay close attention to the drawings.

Game 10 – Towers

What’s the Task 

Inspired by the popular Hanoi Towers game, the Towers game will show you three different towers. One will be stacked with colored disks and two will be empty.  A target image appears on the top of the page showing you how they should be stacked. Your aim is to arrange the discs as shown in the target image in the least amount of moves possible. You can move just one disc at a time and it can only be the one on the top of one of the towers. You can use all three towers to arrange the discs until you get the proper sequence. You will also have options to undo your move or you can press ‘clear all’ to start over. The task must be completed in two minutes. 


This game features colorful discs and three towers on the screen. On the top, you will see the target image that needs to be replicated with the given discs. There is a timer on the top-left of the screen.  The option buttons  ‘Undo Move’, and  ‘Clear All’ are at the bottom of the screen.

Pymetrics Towers
Pymetrics-Style Towers Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

This game measures the candidate’s problem-solving and planning abilities.

How to Approach the Game & Tips 

The game checks two factors: the time you take to make your first move and the total number of moves you make. If you wait before the first move to plan a strategy, it shows that you plan well before you take on a  task.

Game 11 – Faces

What’s the Task 

This game is unlike any other in the pymetrics bundle as it focuses on emotional traits instead of cognitive ones. You will see photos of people with various facial expressions. 

. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a choice of adjectives. You must choose the adjective you feel best describes the person’s expression.

Some photos include a short story about the situation which may have produced the expression. In these instances, you will get 30 seconds to respond.  Other photographs will appear without a story. These must be answered in 7 seconds. Some stories may seem similar but they all tell a different story.


The photograph appears in the middle of the screen.  You will see 10 adjective choices below it to choose from. . Some pictures are accompanied by a story. The timer appears on the top left of the screen.

Pymetrics Emotions
Pymetrics-Style Faces Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

This game analyzes the candidate’s emotional intelligence and perception.

How to Approach the Game & Tips  

Even though you may find some stories to be similar, they all tell different stories. If you ever think that the photo is describing a particular emotion while the text is describing something different, pay attention and make your choice wisely.

Game 12 – Keypresses

What’s the Task  

This is the simplest pymetrics test game of the bunch.  It requires you to press a key on your keyboard as many times as possible within the given time period. Start pressing the key when the Start sign flashes on the screen and stop when the  Stop sign flashes on the screen. This game rates you on how well you follow instructions. You must start and stop pressing the key exactly when you are prompted to do so.


The only screen you will see is the one that tells you to press the spacebar. Once it is gone, you need to stop.

Pymetrics Keypresses
Pymetrics-Style Keypresses Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess?  

Keypress measures the ability to process instructions, impulsivity, and motor function.

How to Approach the Game & Tips 

Stay alert for the Start message and don’t start pressing the key until you see the prompt. If you press the key earlier than ordered, it will show that you are impulsive and impatient.

4 Pymetrics Numerical & Logical Reasoning Games

4 Pymetrics Numerical & Logical Reasoning Tests. Source: iPREP

The pymetrics numerical and logical reasoning test is composed of four different games that focus on measuring the Approximate Number Sense that’s involved in quantity estimation, processing of numbers, and the grasp of math and number concepts. It requires you to make immediate decisions based on symbolic and non-symbolic items. For example, you may be asked to make decisions on the output of non-symbolic dots, symbolic fractions, numerals, etc.

The tests are given in addition to the twelve tasks described above and include:

  • Magnitudes: Which is divided into Dots and Fractions subtests
  • Sequences
  • Shapes
  • Letters
Game NameDescriptionAssessed Traits
Magnitudes – DotsCandidates compare two sets of yellow and blue dots and choose the set with a bigger proportion of yellow dots.Approximate Number Sense (ANS), interpretation of relative magnitude, accuracy, response time
Magnitudes – FractionsCandidates compare two whole-number fractions and choose the one that is bigger in magnitude.ANS acuity, response time
SequencesCandidates complete numerical patterns by filling in the missing number in a sequence.Numerical reasoning, pattern recognition
ShapesCandidates identify a smaller shape embedded in a complex pattern among multiple simple shapes.Spatial reasoning ability
LettersCandidates respond when they see the same letter that appeared two letters before in a sequence, ignoring other letters.Memory, response times
Source: pymetrics

Read on for a description of each. 

Game 1 – Magnitudes

Magnitudes is used to measure a candidate’s distinction of relative magnitude. It is composed of two symbolic and non-symbolic subtests or games – Dots and Fractions. Dots will always proceed Fractions for every single candidate.


What’s the Task  

In the Dots test, candidates are shown two squares that contain a mix of yellow and blue dots of different sizes spread out in various patterns. The user must choose the set displaying a bigger proportion of yellow dots. Every display is uniquely generated and there are no overlapping dots. Each participant had 40 trials where the sets of dots are displayed for 1500ms and the response window is 5000ms.


The Dots Game shows two boxes, each filled with blue and yellow dots of varying sizes spread out in different patterns. The user is made to pick the set with the bigger proportion of yellow dots. After doing so, a new set of dots will appear. This action will continue until the game is over. 

Pymetrics Dots
Pymetrics-Style Dots Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess  

Dots measures the candidate’s Approximate Number Sense (ANS), acuity, interpretation of relative magnitude, accuracy, and response time.


What’s the Task 

Fractions is the second subtest of the  Magnitudes portion of the test. It displays 2 whole-number fractions. The user is required to choose the one that is bigger in magnitude. The fractions appear for 5000 ms. The user must enter their response within this time frame.


The user will see two whole number fractions on their screen encased in brightly colored boxes. After they make their choice, another set of fractions will appear.

Pymetrics Fractions
Pymetrics-Style Fractions Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess  

Fractions measures the ANS acuity and response time of the user.

Game 2 – Sequences

What’s the Task  

Based on Thurnstone’s Number Series Test, Sequences requires the user to complete the numerical pattern in front of him. It provides the user with a sequence of numbers with one number missing. Candidates have to enter the missing number and complete the pattern. There are 20 patterns to complete and you get 30 seconds for each one.


A numerical pattern is on the screen and a number is missing from the pattern. The numbers will stay on the screen for 30 seconds giving the user a window to input their guess. Then, the next sequence will appear.

Pymetrics Series
Pymetrics-Style Sequences Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess  

Sequences measures the candidate’s numerical reasoning and ability to recognize patterns.

Game 3 – Shapes

What’s the Task  

Modeled on the Gottschaldt Figures test, Shapes shows the user multiple simple shapes on the screen alongside a complex, big shape. The aim is to identify which one of the small shapes is embedded in the bigger, complex pattern. The user will have to solve 14 trials in total and will have  45 seconds to solve each one.


In this game, you will see several smaller shapes on the right of the screen and a complex, bigger pattern on the left of the screen.

Pymetrics Pattern
Pymetrics-Style Shapes Game Sample Screen, by iPREP.

What does it Assess  

This game analyzes the candidate’s spatial reasoning ability.

Game 4 – Letters

What’s the Task  

Letters is adapted from Kirchner n-back test.  The user sees a sequence of letters displayed individually on the screen. The aim is to respond when you see the same letter that appeared on the screen two letters before. If the letter you see does not correspond with the one that appeared two letters previously, you must not respond. There are 10 targets for the candidate to identify within a 40-letter stream


A big display showcases a letter for 1 second after which the next letter appears on the screen.

Pymetrics Letters
Pymetrics-Style Letters Game Sample Screen, by iPREP. If the letters D appear in this order, you must respond.

What does it Assess  

Letters measures the candidate’s memory and response times.

Pymetrics Digital Interview


After the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies switched to remote work environments and face-to-face interviews have been replaced by digital interviews. The pymetrics digital interview involves a set of pre-recorded questions. The candidate must record their response and send it to the hiring manager. It does not involve real-time communication. It is a one-way interview for the candidate.

The interview comprises both text and video questions, which are the same for all the candidates, pre-recorded by the employer. This removes bias and focuses on what’s needed for the role.

How is it scored

The pymetrics digital interview is scored manually by employers or through AI-based algorithms. Recruiters can easily share the interview results across their organization and let others join in the scoring process. The AI-based software creates transcriptions of the answers and  compares them with predefined ones. There is no risk of biased selections and all candidates are treated equally.

How to Prepare

It’s advisable to practice and prepare for the pymetrics digital interview before you take it.

You can do this by finding a job opening similar to the one you’re applying for and taking a look at its description. That way you can determine which skills you should be focusing on before the interview. Practice answering common questions on your smartphone camera or in front of a mirror to ensure you are well prepared. 

Ask a friend or family member to watch your recording and provide you with feedback.

You can also take various online courses that will train you for the pymetrics test and digital interview. Our iPREP course has valuable tips and sample answers to common questions you will come across. After taking the course, you will be prepared to ace the interview and the test.

Preparation Strategies

Research the employer and understand their qualities

Go through the background and history of the company you’re applying for so you are familiar with their values and beliefs. This will give you an idea of the skills and personality traits they are looking for in their employees. Check out the company website, YouTube channel, social media, etc. to get a good understanding of what the business is like. 

Read instructions carefully and stay focused

You may think that pymetrics is just a bunch of games, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an assessment that may help you land the job you’ve always dreamed of. Pay attention to the instructions before each game and make sure you know what to do next. If you don’t focus on the instructions, it’s likely that you will not get results that show your best assets.

If you take a training course and practice the games in advance,  you will have an advantage over other candidates that are not familiar with the pymetrics games. You will be ready to start the test without being confused by the instructions. 

Pymetrics Games Test Preparation Strategies
Pymetrics Games Test Preparation Strategies. Source: iPREP

Understand what every game measures and respond accordingly

Every pymetrics game assesses different personality and cognitive traits. You should have a grasp on what each game assesses and play them with a goal in mind. This will help you ace the tests that are most relevant to your prospective job position.

Make sure your webcam, keyboard, etc. are working properly

Before taking the test, make sure you are in a comfortable and quiet location where there are no distractions. Check your webcam, mouse, keyboards, etc. before beginning the assessment to ensure they are working properly. . You need to react quickly which will be difficult if your equipment is not functioning as it should be.  

Remember, if you do not do well, you won’t be able to take the test again for almost a year. The last thing you want is to perform poorly because of technical issues with your computer or other accessories. 

Take an online pymetrics test practice course

There are multiple pymetrics test practice courses available online that will help you prepare for the test. iPREP offers the best tips, solutions, mock games, and other resources you need to ace the test. Practicing with a mock test will boost your chances of performing well on the real assessment. 

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Test Features

Test Fast Facts (tl;dr)

  • 12 neuroscience-based mini-games 
  • 4 numerical and logical Reasoning games
  • Takes 30-35 minutes to finish the test 
  • Assesses more than 90 social, cognitive, and behavioral traits 
  • Game-based assessment followed by the pymetrics digital interview
  • Test can be retaken  after 330 days
  • Matches candidates with their ideal jobs
Pymetrics Test Fast Facts tldr
Pymetrics Test Fast Facts (tl;dr). Source: iPREP

Game-Based Assessment

Pymetrics is a game-based assessment that uses data-driven insights into the candidate’s behavioral and personality traits to provide a fair and efficient hiring process. Its gamified approach collects thousands of data points and determines the candidates’ prominent soft skills.

Both the candidates and the employers have access to the test results. This helps in matching the candidate with the job profile that best matches their skills. The lack of a traditional interview process eliminates bias so every candidate is measured based on their potential. 

The pymetrics assessment offers a fair way to judge candidates. Its candidate completion rate is relatively higher than traditional interview and recruitment processes.

Combined measurement of soft and hard skills

Pymetrics measures the candidate’s hard and soft skills to match him with the right job profile. Soft skills include the candidate’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional traits. Hard skills are defined as technical abilities, knowledge levels, etc. 

While hard skills are easy to identify, soft skills are not as obvious. Recruiters need to understand soft skills to build an efficient workforce. pymetrics provides the right soft and hard skill data for each candidate allowing employers to match them with a position that is best suited to their personalities and abilities.   

Used to trim down the applicant pool

There may be multiple candidates applying for a particular position. pymetrics results help recruiters narrow down the list before moving forward in the selection process.  The test results may even mean a candidate will be matched with a different role than what he applied for. 

Strict retake policy

You may only take the pymetrics assessment every  330 days. The results are valid until the test is retaken. . With this in mind, it’s advisable to prepare for the assessment so you can give your best performance. 

You can prepare by playing pymetrics practice games and taking free pymetrics courses online that offer tips and solutions to help you succeed. With iPREP’s pymetrics free practice tests, you get all the resources you need to do well in the assessment and land your dream job.

Used by top employers worldwide

Many multinational companies use pymetrics for their recruitment and hiring process. Initially, pymetrics was mostly used by organizations in the consulting and financial industry as it helped them stay on top of the competition. But today there are many companies across a variety of industries that are using it for their candidate screening process.

Here are the top companies using pymetrics – 

BCG – Based in America, BCG is among the top three consulting firms in the world.  It has offices in over 90 countries and more than  22,000 employees. Candidates are required to take the pymetrics test after they apply and before the interview.  Currently, BCG pymetrics is used mainly in US locations. 

JP Morgan Chase – JP Morgan Chase is the  4th biggest bank in the world and the biggest in the  USA. Based in New York with other headquarters in London, the company uses pymetrics for almost all positions.  It is very difficult to get hired by the company as candidates must be highly qualified to earn a position. 

Blackstone – Blackstone is among the top investment firms in the world. It is preferred by those who wish to partner with a boutique firm instead of getting lost in the abyss of big investment banks. Blackstone pymetrics helps employers shortlist top candidates for positions in the firm to access the best talent possible.

Accenture – Accenture is an Irish professional services company handling some of the most renowned and powerful clients worldwide. They employ over  500,000 workers globally. pymetrics plays a key role in their recruitment process.  

McDonald’s – This popular fast food chain has a presence in over 100 countries with more than 40,000 restaurants worldwide. Almost 2 million people work for Mcdonald’s, making it the second largest employer across the globe. pymetrics games are used to recruit employees for certain positions. 

Mastercard – Mastercard is a New-York based financial firm providing services worldwide. The company uses pymetrics to screen candidates and find the best talent for its workforce. 

Other major companies that use pymetrics include Unilever, UPS, BAT, JLL, and Hyatt. 

Pymetrics Games Quote
Source: iPREP

Technical Facts

Here are some technical facts related to the pymetrics games assessment.

Assessment of 9 Soft Skills 

Soft skills include a  person’s cognitive, social, and emotional traits reflecting their overall personality. Soft skills are hard to determine but they play a major role in deciding whether a candidate is right for a specific position. pymetrics analyzes candidates’ soft skills to determine their reliability for the job. 

These are the 9 soft skills pymetrics measures: 

Attention – This skill involves how well a person manages distractions and processes information. pymetrics games assess whether you take a methodical approach that minimizes error. It measures how open you are to new information and how capable you are of adapting your approach based on previous feedback

Altruism – Altruism is the trait of prioritizing the needs of others above your own needs.  In pymetrics games, it’s essential to show you are altruistic but still capable of keeping an eye on your bottom line. 

Cognitive Focus – Focus is a person’s ability to concentrate on a single task or multiple tasks at once. Focused people work consistently and can attend to tasks even if there are distractions. They can handle multiple tasks and react quickly to changing circumstances.

Decision Making – This skill showcases how efficiently a person can make decisions. . It assesses whether a person thinks long and hard before making decisions, or whether they rely on their gut instinct.

Effort –  Effort measures if a person is hard-working and gives their all regardless of the reward or if they are outcome-driven and favor tasks with higher rewards.

Emotion – This trait involves a person’s ability to interpret and react to others’ emotions. It is a useful attribute as it helps team members cater to client needs based on their actions and expressions. 

Fairness – Pymetrics games measure the candidate’s perception of fairness in social situations. It assesses if a person is accepting and quick to deem situations as fair, or if they are critical when judging the fairness of a situation.

Learning – Learning is a person’s ability to grasp new information and adapt their behavior accordingly. Adaptive person recognizes patterns, learns from their mistakes, and changes their approach based on feedback. 

Risk Tolerance – This trait shows how much risk a person is willing to take in professional and personal situations. It determines if a person is willing to take risks even if there is a chance of a negative outcome.

Utilizes methods that remove bias and offer fairness and flexibility

The pymetrics assessment uses behavioral science and AI to match people with the right job based on their soft skills. The digital test can be taken by candidates from the comfort of their homes or from any other location that has a WiFI connection.  The games are the same for every candidate.  Everyone who takes the test is assessed solely on their skills and potential.  This removes any bias that may be formed based on previous experience, education, etc. 

AI-based – thousands of data points

The AI-based pymetrics game assessment collects thousands of data points. The data is used to generate a report for every candidate.  Both the candidate and the recruiter get a copy of the report. The information helps recruiters find the right person for company positions based on the candidate’s traits and capabilities.

Candidates who are not selected for a particular role may be offered a role for another position that better matches their hard and soft skill sets.  This means employers can find the best possible talent for their positions while workers are placed in jobs that allow them to showcase their strongest assets. 

Results Scale and Interpretations

Personal results are available immediately 

Once a candidate completes the pymetrics assessment, a  personal results report is generated almost immediately. It is very rare to receive assessment results so quickly. 

The candidate immediately receives a report that assesses their unique traits.  This gives them an idea of the type of work and positions they are best cut out for. 

Pymetrics results trait
Specific trait feedback, available immediately. Source: pymetrics

Each candidate is portrayed by a cluster of traits

Pymetrics offers an efficient and effective hiring process in which every candidate has a fair opportunity. The candidate’s results are depicted as a cluster of their traits. Every trait’s importance to the role is explained showing how well-suited the candidate is for the position.  

The report explains how well the candidate fits the role, points out potential gaps, and provides interview questions that will help the employer determine if they are right for the position. . The candidate is given a score for their desired job as well as scores for other open job positions. 

Fit is based on soft skills

The behavioral, cognitive, and social traits the test assesses are used to determine whether the candidate is right for the job. pymetrics measures 9 overall soft skills.  Each one has varying importance relating to specific jobs. Some soft skills are more suited for a particular position and less suited for another.

For example, being methodical and consistent is a necessity in a digital marketing position while a person pursuing data science must be adaptive and adventurous. The graphs below show the importance of different soft skills concerning various job profiles.

pymetrics results 1
Factor Importances for Data Science Role, Source: pymetrics

Reports Description

Below we see a sample of the report candidates may receive after taking the test.  The meter shows how important each soft skill is to the role and the candidate’s fit alongside it. The fit score shows if a candidate should be considered for a particular position or if he or she is better suited for another role. The candidate will also know which soft skills are their strongest and which positions are best suited to their personalities. 

Pymetrics results profile
Pymetrics “Fit to Role” report. Source: pymetrics

Recruiters can check out the candidates’ skills and attributes so they can shortlist the right ones quickly. They can compare the results with a set benchmark and see how a candidate’s traits fit different job profiles. Hiring managers can recommend positions to candidates based on their fit, which may vary from the one they originally applied for.

Pymetrics results clusters
Pymetrics cluster report. Source: pymetrics

Results are valid for 330 days

Once you complete the assessment, your test results will stay valid for almost one year. You can use them to apply to other job openings on the platform. Pymetrics test results will help you find  jobs that are perfect for your skill set. 

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What is a pymetrics test?

The pymetrics test is a game-based assessment that comprises 12  neuroscience mini-games. It takes around 25-30 minutes to complete. It helps recruiters understand their candidates better. Each game assesses more than 90 cognitive, social, and behavioral traits helping employers match candidates with their ideal jobs.

What are the 12 pymetrics games?

There are 12 mini-games in the pymetrics assessment each of which lasts for 2-3 minutes. Every game has a different objective and measures different soft skills. . The 12 games are – 

1. Money Exchange 1
2. Keypresses
3. Balloons Game
4. Money Exchange 2
5. Digits Game
6. Easy or Hard Game
7. Stop 1
8. Cards Game
9. Arrows Game
10. Lengths Game
11. Towers Game
12. Facial Expressions (Faces)

How do you pass a pymetrics test?

The pymetrics games assessment is available online. The entire test takes around 25 to 30 minutes to complete.  Read the instructions carefully before playing each game and focus on the objective. There are no right or wrong answers. The test generates a report that portrays the candidate as a cluster of personality traits and soft skills.

Can you practice for pymetrics?

Yes, you can practice for the pymetrics online through training courses and mock tests. Various websites feature training tips, instructions, similar game-based assessments, etc. to help you prepare for the test. iPREP has all the resources you need to ace your pymetrics assessment and land your dream job. 

What are the games in pymetrics?

There are 12 different mini-games in the pymetrics assessment each of which lasts for 2-3 minutes. Every game has a different objective and measures different soft skills helping candidates find the jobs that are best suited to their personalities.  

The pymetrics assessment also includes  4 Numerical and Logical Reasoning games that measure the candidate’s Approximate Number Sense (ANS) equity and ability to process numbers.

How do you do well in pymetrics games?

You will do well in the pymetrics games if you prepare for the assessment by practicing the 12 games beforehand. This will help you become familiar with the instructions and gain an understanding of the traits each game measures. Practicing will increase your chances of performing well on the test.

Can you prepare for pymetrics?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for the pymetrics games assessment.  There are online training platforms like iPREP that offer resources and tools to prepare you for the test. iPREP provides mock tests, similar games, tips, and other coaching tools.

How much time does a pymetrics test take?

Every game in the pymetrics assessment takes around 2 to 3 minutes to complete. The entire test takes around 25 to 30 minutes to complete.

Can you cheat on pymetrics games test?

No, it is not possible to cheat on the pymetrics games test. There are no right or wrong answers and every game measures different traits and social skills.

Can you ace the pymetrics test?

Every game assesses certain soft skills and traits in the candidates. You can ‘ace’  the pymetrics test if you understand which traits the recruiting company is looking for. You will have to curate a strategy, break the games down into small pieces, and tackle each problem carefully to get the desired results.

What is the pymetrics numerical and logical reasoning test?

The pymetrics numerical and logical reasoning test focuses on measuring the Approximate Number Sense or ANS of the candidate which is involved in quantity estimation, processing numbers, and grasping mathematical concepts. It relies on quick judgments of symbolic or non-symbolic items. The pymetrics numerical and logical reasoning games are – 

Magnitudes: Dots and Fractions

What do the pymetrics games assess?

Every mini-game in the pymetrics test is neuroscience-based and assesses over 70 different cognitive, behavioral, social, and personality traits. The traits fall into  9 categories – Attention, Altruism, Focus, Emotion, Effort, Decision Making, Risk Tolerance, Fairness, and Learning.  After completing the assessment, you can access a full trait report and find out how your score measures up to the requirements of the job you applied for.

What to do if you have already taken the pymetrics test for a different recruiter?

The results of the pymetrics assessment are valid for 330 days. After the 330 days are over,  you can take the test again. If this period has not passed, you must use your existing test results to apply for other jobs on the platform. They can be accessed by logging into the website.

Is it possible to pause the games while playing them?

No, you cannot pause a pymetrics game while it is in progress. However, every game takes around 2 to 3 minutes to complete and you can take a break before moving on to the next game. 

Test Tips

The following tips will help you perform well in your pymetrics games test – 

  • Research your prospective employer to find out their values. This will help you understand the qualities and traits they look for in candidates so you can prepare accordingly.
  • Take an online training course by iPREP or another reliable platform that will help prepare for the assessment. You can practice similar games, and read tips, instructions, etc. to prepare.
  • Read all the instructions carefully so that you know how to play each game in advance. . This will help to determine which trait the game measures so you can provide the best possible responses.
  • Make sure to take the test in a comfortable, quiet place where there are no distractions. You can take the test only once in 330 days, so make sure you do it in the right environment.
  • Make sure that the keyboard, mouse, and other equipment are working properly before taking the test.
  • Take the pymetrics when you feel most attentive. If you are lethargic or unwell, you may not be able to give your best performance.
Pymetrics Test Tips
Pymetrics Test Tips. Source: iPREP


  • Test Location – The test is available online and can be taken from anywhere that offers access to a virtual connection. 
  • Test Uses  – The test is used by employers at different stages of recruitment. It is typically used to screen candidates and shortlist the ones that are best suited for the job.
  • Test Format – The test consists of 12 different neuroscience-based mini-games with different objectives
  • Test Materials – The test can be taken online on a computer or smartphone 
  • Cost – None (covered by the employer)
  • Retake Policy – The test can be retaken after 330 days

Test Provider

Pymetrics is a soft-skills measuring platform that uses AI and behavioral data to promote fair, efficient hiring practices. Many features were added to the existing platform after it was acquired by Harver. It now features a  behavior-based AI approach in addition to the previously existing talent assessments.

Information Sources

Disclaimer – All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes. pymetrics Core Soft Skills and pymetrics Numerical and Logical Reasoning are a trademark and brand of pymetrics, Inc, now a Harver company. iPrep is not affiliated with pymetrics, Harver, or any other company mentioned in this article.

Free pymetrics Games practice test: Get to know what pymetrics games test assessments will be like by practicing with these sample games:

Pymetrics Balloons Game

The pymetrics Balloons game assesses your risk-taking tendencies and your ability to learn patterns in a short time. Try to earn as much money as possible by pumping the balloons and earning coins.

Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1
Pymetrics Towers Game

The Towers game assesses the nature of your planning skills. What is the best way to reshuffle the discs and achieve the target formation? A speedy trial and error method?

Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #2
Pymetrics Easy or Hard Game
Pymetrics Digits Game

The “Digits Game” measures participants’ working memory through sequence recall. A recall of five or fewer numbers highlights areas for improvement. Recalling six to seven suggests average skills, while eight to nine indicates a high average ability.

Pymetrics Stop 1 Game
Pymetrics Cards Game
Pymetrics Arrows Game
Pymetrics Lengths Game
Pymetrics Faces Game
Pymetrics Keypresses Game


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About the course

Welcome to iPREP’s Pymetrics Games Preparation Course!

This meticulously designed course aims to enhance your skills and boost your confidence in tackling Pymetrics games. Whether you’re gearing up for employment assessments or simply seeking to improve your performance in these games, our program offers an array of invaluable tools and benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Delve into all 12 core Pymetrics games and understand their specific objectives. Each game will be thoroughly explained, providing you with a clear grasp of its purpose and the traits it assesses.
  • Test-Like Simulations: Engage in realistic simulations where you can experience the games one after another in a simulated assessment setting. This immersive practice prepares you for the full Pymetrics assessment, including time constraints and consecutive gameplay.
  • Game-Specific Mastery: For each game, gain access to comprehensive lessons offering in-depth insights into the strategies and techniques required to excel. Sharpen your skills and master the nuances of each specific game.
  • Personalized Performance Reports: Receive detailed feedback on your performance in each game, along with comparisons to other users. Identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

Focus on Key Aspects: While it’s impossible to cover every aspect assessed by Pymetrics’ AI-based algorithm, our course concentrates on the most vital elements crucial for your hiring process. Gain a deeper understanding of what Pymetrics assesses, providing you with the knowledge and familiarity needed to excel in these assessments.


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  1. Course Introduction
  2. Pymetrics Preview Challenge: Assess Your Starting Point
  3. Pymetrics Games Test Format
  4. Preparation Strategies and Test-Day Tips
  5. Pymetrics Games Practice: One by One
    • Balloons Game
    • Keypresses Game
    • Stop-1 Game
    • Digits Game
    • Cards Game
    • Easy or Hard Game
    • Arrows Game
    • Lengths Game
    • Money Exchange #1 Game
    • Money Exchange #2 Game
    • Towers Game
    • Faces Game
  6. Game-on: Pymetrics Final Simulation
  7. Course Conclusion

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