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The Alva Labs logic and personality test was created to assess candidates based on their soft skills. The logic test challenges the candidate’s problem-solving abilities. Test takers get 2 minutes to answer each of the 20 questions.  

The personality test features 120 questions which must be answered within 15 minutes.  It assesses 5 main candidate characteristics. 

A percentile range is assigned to each candidate based on how well they performed on the test. The percentage measures how well the candidate did as compared to other test takers. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the test and provide tips that will help you get the best results possible.

Did you know?

The Alva Labs logic test is adaptive. If you choose the right answer, the next question will be harder. If you choose the wrong answer, the next question will be easier. You have up to 2 minus to answer each of the 20 questions. Your final score depends on the number of questions you answer correctly and the difficulty of each question.

Alva Labs Test Assessment Types

Alva Labs Logic TestAlva Labs Personality Test
Type of QuestionsEach test question appears as a 3×3 matrix with one shape missing. You must guess which shape is missing. The goal is to determine how well each question describes your personality in a professional setting.
Level of DifficultyThe level of difficulty is adaptive. If you answer correctly, the questions become harder; if you answer incorrectly, they get easier.The statements are chosen to create an accurate personality profile based on your responses.
Number of Questions20120
Time Limit40 Minutes15 Minutes
Alva Labs Test Types
Alva Labs Test Types. Source: iPREP

Alva Labs Logic Test

Format – All the questions in the Alva Labs Logic Test follow the same format. Each question is presented as a 3×3 matrix with one shape missing from the bottom right.  All the other boxes contain specific shapes. 

Alva Labs sample
Source: Alva Labs

Winning Tip: Recognize different patterns by looking  at rows, columns, and diagonals. 

Here is a sample question that will give you an idea of how the test works:

Alva Labs Logic Test Sample Question

Which of the following should replace the question mark (?) to complete the pattern?

Alva Labs Sample Questions

The correct answer is E

Source: iPREP


Take a look at the left column. In each column to the right, a new triangle is added to a specific position.

Now examine the top row. In each subsequent row, a new square is added to a specific position.

The missing element must follow both of these observations. At first, you may consider options B and D because both of them contain two squares and two triangles. Since there is no way to justify one of them over the other, the feature of the specific position must be taken into consideration.

Also, there is no justification or obligation for the bottom right corner to be occupied with a shape.

Option E provides a solution that does consider the specific position. By examining it, you may understand that the shapes or not white but transparent. The top left triangle and square appear in the same corner as in their respective column and row but one over the other.

Alva Labs Personality Test

Format – Candidates take the personality test after taking the logic test. It has 120 questions which must be answered within 15 minutes. Every question is a statement and you must rate how well the statement describes you. 1 denotes that you strongly disagree while 5 denotes that you strongly agree with the statement. The Personality test assesses Agreeableness, Extraversion, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience.

Alva Labs sample scale
Source: Alva Labs

Winning Tip: If you take a few practice tests in advance you will feel less stressed when test day rolls around.  Practicing will get you familiar with the format and the types of questions you will be asked. 

It is essential to understand why certain questions are being asked and how they relate to the job you applied for. This will help you come up with responses that best qualify you for the position. 

Here is a sample question that will give you an idea of how the test works:

Statement 1

People have hidden motives when they offer help –

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

This statement tries to assess how cynical you are, whether you are prone to doubt others’ intentions and assume they have bad ulterior motives. Generally, it may reflect various aspects of trust or mistrust.

People who tend to agree with similar statements are prone to negativity and are quarrelsome. People who tend to strongly disagree may not examine others’ true intentions carefully enough. Moderate or neutral responses indicate a balanced approach between trusting people and doubting them.

Alva Labs Test Preparation Strategies
Alva Labs Test Preparation Strategies. Source: iPREP

Preparation Strategies for Alva Labs Test

1. Learn How the Patterns Change

The Alva Lab Logics test requires you to identify patterns. The patterns are sometimes found in rows only, columns only, or both rows and columns. 

Your study materials should cover as many distinct patterns as possible. They should train your brain so it identifies patterns quickly. This will speed up the problem-solving process and increase your chances of success. 

matrigma matrix structure

2. Master the Elimination Techniques

The  Alva Labs Logic Test is multiple choice. You will have 6 options to choose from. Eliminating possibilities is often easier than analyzing the matrix. Start by ruling out unlikely choices. Come up with the best answer based on the choices that are left. 

3. Observe & Analyze How Test Questions Change in Features

In the following section, we will discuss some of the main patterns to look out for in the Alva Labs Logic test. 

Rotations & Flips

The following image is an example of a Rotations and Flips question. On the actual test, the bottom right element will be missing. 

Rotations and Flips questions have elements that rotate or flip entirely. In this example, the matrix’s middle row is a 90° rotation of the top row. It is then horizontally flipped in the bottom row.

matrix rotations flips
Structural Changes

You may address either the rows or the columns of the example below.  Both will allow you to come up with the correct solution.

  1. Choose one row or one column.
  2. Choose two elements from that row or column and mentally place them on top of the other. For example, let’s choose the left and middle elements of the top row.
  3. There are overlapping features of two elements that DO NOT appear in the third element of that row or column. For example, both the top and middle elements of the top row include the circumference of the circle. The top-right element DOES NOT include it.
  4. some features appear in only one of the elements you’ve chosen in step 2 and ALSO APPEAR in the third element of that same row or column. For example, only the middle element features a small black circle at the bottom. This feature also appears in the top right element.
  5. Once you determine how the shapes are connected based on the features of each element, you can establish the pattern and find the missing element. 
matrix structural changes
Color Changes & Fills

If you examine the rows of the matrix in this illustration, you will see that the colors of the circles interact with one another. The colors of the left and middle circles determine the colors of the right circle. For each row, the outer rim of the right circle is the same color as the outer rim of the left circle. 

Respectively, the color of the middle of the right circle is the same as the color of the middle circle. Once you establish your pattern, you will be able to find the missing element.

matrix color changes

If you look at the top row of the example below, you can see that an extra line is added to the vertical lines in each element while the horizontal middle line remains the same. With rows 2 and 3, the opposite is happening as the horizontal lines increase by one and the vertical middle line stays the same. 

You can see similar patterns if you look at the columns as well. 

matrix quantity changes
Spatial Changes

The strands of these elements cross over each other to varying degrees. Whether you look at the rows or columns, you will see that their intersection moves up in each element. In the final element (bottom left) the strands are moved so far from one another, they don’t even touch.

matrix spatial changes

4. Analyze the Matrix from Different Perspectives

Alva Labs Test matrices always appear in 3×3 arrangements.  However, you must also consider that each matrix has an additional dimension in the form of its diagonal. 

Diagonals are typically the most challenging criteria to evaluate. Your study aid should help you examine each matrix from all possible perspectives.

5. Create a Realistic Practice Test Environment

It can be unsettling to take the Alva Labs test if you have not tried testing in a realistic test environment. We suggest taking a full-length practice test at least once without any interruptions or distractions. Complete the entire 40-minute 35-question test to get a feel for the true testing experience.

6. Practice As Much As Possible

Prepare for the test as much as possible so you feel confident when you take it. But don’t overdo it. Over-studying can hinder your ability to perform well on a test. 

While studying, take regular breaks to rest and recharge. Right before taking the test, take some time to review by studying for a while, taking a break, and studying a bit more.  This will provide effects similar to an athlete stretching before a run.

7. Prepare Yourself for the Test

Other ways to prepare include getting a good night’s sleep the night before the test and eating a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. 

Bring earplugs to reduce outside noise. Use the restroom before the exam. Ensure you have everything you need while taking the test.

8. Learn How to Approach Personality Tests

You might think there is no way to prepare for the personality portion of the test, but this isn’t entirely true. While there are no right or wrong answers, there are certain responses that will increase or reduce your chances of qualifying for the position you are applying for. Your answers may also let the employer know that you are better suited for another role. 

Understanding why certain questions are being asked and how they relate to the job you applied for will help you respond in a way that is ideal for the position. Also, when you take a practice test beforehand, you get familiar with the type of questions that will be asked on the test so you are better prepared. 

It’s also advisable to research the company you are applying to before taking the test.  Familiarize yourself with its history, culture, and values. That way you can get an idea of what they are looking for in their employees.

9. Find a Proper Alva Labs Assessment Preparation Course

The best way to prepare for the Alva Labs test is to study beforehand. The Logics portion is especially tricky. Studying will help you identify patterns so you answer the questions correctly. 

While some personal study will help, taking an Alva Labs test preparation course like iPREP will ensure you are familiar with both the Logic and Personality aspects of the test. It offers questions, tips, mock assessments, tests, etc. It will help you get the best results possible.

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Test Features

Test Fast Facts (tl;dr)

  • The Logic test has 20 questions formatted as 3×3 matrices with one shape missing
  • The test is multiple choice and offers 6 answer options. 
  • Candidates will have 2 minutes to answer 1 question and 40 minutes to take the full test 
  • The Logic test is adaptive as right answers lead to more difficult questions and vice versa 
  • The Personality test features 120 statements that assess 5 traits 
  • Candidates must rank each question on a scale from 1 to 5 based on how well it describes you
Alva Labs Logic Test Fast Facts tldr
Alva Labs Logic Test Fast Facts (tl;dr). Source: iPREP
Alva Labs Personality Test Fast Facts tldr
Alva Labs Personality Test Fast Facts (tl;dr). Source: iPREP

Adaptive Test

Logic Test – This test is comprised of 20 3×3 matrices in which the last shape is missing. Abstract reasoning and problem-solving are required to determine the missing piece. The test is adaptive and questions are based on the candidate’s previous answers.

Right answers lead to more difficult questions while wrong answers lead to questions that are easier or have a similar level of difficulty. The test’s adaptive nature ensures that it is challenging for the candidate but not impossible.

Personality Test – The candidate will see 120 statements which they must rate to indicate how well the statements describe him. The rating is from 1-5 with 1 being “strongly disagree” and  5 being “strongly agree”. 

Like the Logic Test, the Alva personality test is also adaptive. The statements are selected based on previous responses. With each response, the candidate’s personality traits are analyzed. The following statements are generated based on what the AI is perceiving. 

Every test taker is asked questions customized to their previous answers. No two people will  get the same questions in the same order.

Combined Measurement of Cognitive and Behavioral Profile

The Alva Labs Logic Test measures cognitive ability, abstract reasoning, and problem-solving skills. The test is adaptive based on the candidate’s responses. 

The Alva Labs Personality Test analyzes 5 main traits in the candidate which are further divided into 15 sub-traits. The adaptive characteristic of the test means that each test taker is asked questions based on their responses. This helps the AI, and hence the employer,  understand the level of each sub-trait they possess. Thus, the Alva Labs assessment accurately provides a combined measurement of a candidate’s behavioral and cognitive profile.

Flexible Testing

The Alva Labs test is flexible as it can be taken anywhere there is online access. Candidates can take the assessment from the comfort of their homes or in another quiet area.  

The logic test features matrices without much text information so it can be used in different countries with different languages. The personality test features simple statements which can be easily translated into other languages.

Alva Labs’ Personality Model

The Alva Labs Personality Test has 5 main traits or factors that are further divided into subscales or facets. In Alva’s Personality model, there are three facets per factor for a total of 15 traits. The facets analyze specific aspects of each factor and help establish a well-rounded assessment of the candidate’s personality. 

Some facets cover a broad domain of the personality while other facets cover a narrow scope. Broad facets have more influence over the final score than narrow facets. In Alva’s personality model, four factors have two broad facets and one narrow facet. The Emotional Stability Factor has three broad facets. 

For a better example of what we mean, refer to the table below:

Main FactorFacet
1. AgreeablenessCompassion (broad)
Politeness (broad)
Trust (narrow)
2. ConscientiousnessGoal Striving (broad)
Carefulness (broad)
Orderliness (narrow)
3. ExtraversionAssertiveness (broad)
Sociability (broad)
Energy Level (narrow)
4. Emotional StabilityOptimism (broad)
Stability (broad)
Stress Tolerance (broad)
5. OpennessCuriosity (broad)
Aesthetic Orientation (broad)
Change Orientation (narrow)

Results Scale and Interpretations

Results are available immediately 

The results of the Alva Labs Logic and Personality test are available immediately to both the candidate and the employer. Immediate results are rare in the recruitment industry. The fact that the Alva Labs test provides such quick results is beneficial in speeding up the hiring process.

Logic Test

Logic Test Measures GMA

The Alva Labs logic test measures candidates’ ability to process complex information and draw conclusions from it. This plays a key role in General Mental Ability (GMA) which is the strongest predictor of performance in job roles.  The more complex the position, the higher the required GMA will be. 

Because the Logic Test measures GMA, it is widely used in various recruitment processes. People with a high GMA tend to perform well on the Logic Test. 

EAP Scores

An EAP algorithm is used to estimate the candidate’s logical ability. It makes an assumption of the candidate’s cognitive processes based on prior distribution, a statistical inference that measures the likelihood that the candidate will answer the question correctly.  

When the candidate records his first answer, the score is calculated based on both prior distribution and whether the answer is right or not. This process is applied throughout the test. The score’s accuracy increases with each question the candidate answers.

Calculation and Interpretation of Scores

The first question is randomly chosen from the easiest ones available in the test database. The next two are more challenging. This is the way the system works for every candidate. It allows them to get ready for the more difficult questions that will follow. 

After the first three questions, the next ones are chosen from a group of ten based on the candidate’s estimated logical ability. When all 20 answers are recorded, the test is complete. If a candidate fails to answer a question, it is deemed incorrect. 


The final score is ranked on a Standard Ten Scale. This is an estimate of the candidate’s logical ability as compared to the general working population. The mean score is 5.5 and the standard deviation is 2.

Standard scoreInterpretationPercentile range
1-2Below average1-6
3-4Slightly below average7-30
7-8Slightly above average70-93
9-10Above average94-99
Source: Alva Labs

Most candidates’ scores will fall in the 5-6 range. Scores below 2 and above 9 are rare and therefore have a narrow percentile range. 

Because the test is adaptive, every candidate will get different questions based on their previous responses. As a result, even if two people answer the same number of questions correctly, they will get different final standard scores.

Sample Logic Test Report
Alva Labs Linh Nguyen
Source: Linh Nguyen, Slideshare

Above we see a sample Alva Labs logic test report. The candidate got a score of 6 which falls in the 50th-69th percentile and is considered average. It shows that the candidate can grasp information and find solutions in an average time. 

Such people may find test questions difficult at first but will get better at finding the right answers as they get used to the format and increase their understanding of what is required.

Personality Test

Calculation and Interpretation of Scores

Every facet of the candidate’s personality is scored individually in real-time as they record their answers. By the end of the test, the score will have reached a high level of accuracy. These facet results are converted to linear combinations and translated onto a  Standard Ten Scale. 

Broad facets have more weight than narrow facets in determining the final score. 

After the test is complete, the results are interpreted by employers based on varying principles as follows- 

How you use the test 

If there are a lot of candidates, you can use the test to screen them and shortlist candidates that are best suited for the role. However, if there are limited candidates, you may require a deep interpretation of the results to become familiar with each candidate’s behavioral profile before you begin the decision-making process. 

Test scores are not absolute truths but rather just strong indicators

The personality test measures traits that are difficult to assess and not easily observable. A margin of error is always present. Even though the test results are highly reliable and accurate, they do not reflect absolute truths about the candidate. However, they strongly indicate a candidate’s general tendencies and behavioral traits. 

Scores near the end of the scale show rare or uncommon qualities

Most of the population gets a score of 5-6 which is considered average. However, if the scores are near either end of the scale, they indicate uncommon and rare qualities. They show that the candidate has a certain trait or traits that make them stand out. 

A good result depends on the particular job profile 

The test measures a candidate’s typical thought patterns and behavior. Therefore, there are no correct or incorrect answers. It all depends on the job requirements.  

Personality Test Sample Report
Alva Labs Personality Test Sample Report
Source: Linh Nguyen, Slideshare

Above is a sample report of the Alva Labs Personality test. The score for every factor is determined through a combination of relevant facet scores. Every factor has an upper and lower band. The score denotes how much of a trait the candidate displayed in the test. 

The report also reveals the candidate’s potential strengths and weaknesses. It states certain growth factors that may help the candidate thrive in the workplace..

Can faking be detected?

It’s not uncommon for candidates to fake their answers while taking personality tests. Faking occurs when a candidate intentionally misrepresents himself and is dishonest about himself. Candidates may fake their answers based on what they think will best qualify them for the position. 

Through the years, different systems have been used to detect faking. In the past, specific scales were designed to measure faking. More recently, overclaiming, idiosyncratic item response, and IRT methods were used to call out fakers. However, these methods are rarely reliable. The upshot is, there’s really no accurate way to detect faking.

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What is the Alva Labs Logic test?

The Alva logic test is a logical reasoning test that has 20 3×3 matrices for the candidate to solve. Each matrix has its last shape missing. The candidate must interpret patterns to find the missing shape. There are 20 questions. The candidate has  2 minutes to answer each question. 

What is the Alva Labs Personality test?

The Alva Labs personality test features 120 statements. The candidate has 15 minutes to rank how every statement describes him on a scale of 1(strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). The test assesses 5 main traits in the candidates which are further divided into 15 sub-traits.

What is a good score on the Alva Labs Logic test?

The logic test is scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with every score responding to a percentile range as compared to other test takers. The percentile ranges from below average to above average, with most people lying in the average category. The test is adaptive and every candidate gets different questions based on how they answered previous questions. 

While a high score is impressive, the personality traits the test assesses may be more telling in how suitable candidates are for specific job openings.

How does the Alva Labs Logic test work?

The test features 20 3×3 matrices with the last shape missing. Candidates need to choose the missing shape from the multiple-choice selection. The candidate is provided with 2 sample questions and instructions before the test begins. Once the test starts the candidate has  2 minutes to answer each question. 

The test is adaptive so the questions get easier or harder based on previous responses. The final score depends on the total number of right answers as well as the difficulty of the questions. 

Is it possible to cheat in the logic test?

It is not possible to cheat on the logic test as two candidates never get the same question. The test is adaptive and questions are presented based on the candidate’s ability and mental level. 

You can only cheat if you get someone else to take the test for you. However, this is risky. You  may get a high score on the test but you won’t be able to perform at the level your test assessment shows once you start your job

Which traits does the personality test assess?

The Alva Labs personality test assesses 5 main traits in candidates as follows: Agreeableness, Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience, and Emotional Stability. Every trait is further divided into 3 traits, so there are 15 sub-traits in total.

How are test results presented to the recruiter?

The test is transparent. Both the candidates and the recruiters will get the same results. This ensures there is no bias in the hiring process. Recruiters can focus on the logical ability and personality traits of the candidates.

Test Tips

The following tips will help you get the best possible results on the Alva Labs logic and personality test – 

  • Identify the patterns in each question. Examine the rows, columns, and diagonals. This will make it easier to identify the missing shape.
  • Every question has 6 answer choices. The elimination technique will help you cancel out the answers that you are sure are wrong. It will be easier to choose the right answer when wrong answers are eliminated.
  • Identify the pattern changes that happen frequently in the matrix. Some matrices may have 1 or 2 changes, while others may have 4 to 5 pattern changes in them. Look out for flips, structure changes, color changes, quantity changes, and spatial changes.
  • Look at the matrices from different perspectives. Don’t just look at the rows and patterns, consider the diagonals as well. 
  • You will do well on the personality test if you understand how the questions are related to the job you are applying for. Research the company’s history, culture, etc. to ensure you choose the best response.
  • Practice as much as possible beforehand in a realistic test environment. Answer mock tests in the specified time frame. This will ensure better results when you take the test. 
  • Avoid taking the test if you are not feeling your best. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning to ensure you can focus.  
  • Take the test in a quiet place that’s free of distractions. Turn off all electronic devices before you start.  
  • Take a  course to prepare for the Alva Labs assessment. The iPREP training course has all the resources you need to do well on the test.
Alva Labs Test Tips
Alva Labs Test Tips. Source: iPREP


  • Test Location – Either at the office of the company you applied for or online through a personalized link
  • Test Schedule – The recruiters will assign the test as part of the interview process 
  • Test Format – Multiple-choice questions 
  • Test Materials – Alva Labs is a computer-based test. It does not require any materials other than a computer. 
  • Cost – Covered by the employer
  • Retake Policy – The test can be retaken for every new employer; however, the applicant may choose to submit his or her previous results while applying to different positions.
Alva Labs Test Administration
Alva Labs Test Administration. Source: iPREP

Test Provider

Alva Labs utilizes decades of research in Machine Learning and Modern Test Theory to help recruiters make better hiring decisions. Instead of focusing on a CV, university degree, etc., the Alva Labs test focuses on the candidate’s logical ability and personality. This ensures that hiring takes place without any bias. 

Alva Labs uses data-driven insights and automated methods to create an efficient recruitment process. Their high-quality tests adapt based on the candidate’s responses helping to deliver accurate results. The cutting-edge software ensures recruiters make the best choices.

Information Sources

Disclaimer – All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes. The Alva Labs logic and personality tests are a trademark and brand of Alva Labs AB. iPrep is not affiliated with Alva Labs or any other company mentioned in this article.

Free Alva Labs practice tests: Get to know what the Alva Labs tests will be like by practicing with these sample questions:

Logic Question 1 of 4

Which of the following should replace the question mark (?) to complete the pattern?

Alva Labs Sample Matrix Questions

The correct answer is B

Source: iPREP


Consider the top left element as the starting position – a “necklace” of eight “beads,” five of them black.

Steps down – the black beads shift their position one step clockwise.

Steps to the right – one black bead is replaced by a white bead. It is always the first black bead from a counterclockwise position.

Based on the right column, we need to look for a necklace with three black beads; consequently, only B, C, and E are left as plausible options.

Based on the bottom row, we are looking for a necklace where the bottom bead is white since that is the bead that will turn from black to white.

Only option B satisfies both rules.

Logic Question 2 of 4

Which of the following should replace the question mark (?) to complete the pattern?

Alva Labs Sample Matrix Questions

The correct answer is C

Source: iPREP


The solution is arrived at by understanding the combined logic of rows and columns.

Take any two elements of one column or one row and compare them. If they share a line, then the third element of that column/row does not include that same line. On the contrary, if there is a line that appears in only one of them, it is included in the third element as well.

The only feature that always appears, for all the elements, is the little black circle in the middle of each element.

In order to find the missing element, you need to compare either the left and the middle elements of the bottom row or the top and the middle elements of the right column. These two options display identical elements in this case, but they may be different in other matrices.

Check the image below – the common sections are marked in red and would not appear in the correct solution. The green lines appear only in one of the elements, thus they comprise the missing element. The third image is a combination of both elements one on top of the other. The green pattern represents the correct answer. You can see that it is similar to the correct option C.

Alva Labs Sample Matrix Questions

The correct solution is realized by combining both elements – ALVA LABS SAMPLE QUESTIONS

Logic Question 3 of 4

Which of the following should replace the question mark (?) to complete the pattern?

Alva Labs Sample Questions

The correct answer is D

Source: iPREP


The solution is arrived at by understanding the logic of the matrix either by rows or by columns:

Logic by row – from left to right, the element rotates 90 degrees clockwise.

Logic by column – from top to bottom, each triangle “moves” towards the opposite side of its initial position

Tips & Tricks:

  • Rotation is one of the most common alterations between adjacent elements. If you identify rotation, try following it all the way till the matrix’s solution. Since it is so common, test makers tend to use it as a misleading element. If you identify even a single flaw in the rotation pattern through the matrix, abandon it as an underlying logic. There is probably a different, better logic, that underlies the matrix.
Logic Question 4 of 4

Which of the following boxes should replace the question mark (?) to complete the pattern?

Alva Labs Sample Questions

The correct answer is E

Source: iPREP


The solution is a product of understanding the logic of the matrix either by rows or by columns.
Each element is comprised of a diamond-shaped clock with two hands. We would come to realize that these hands may “cover” one another and appear as a single hand.

The logic from the columns’ perspective

The difference between the top element and the middle element is a 90-degree counterclockwise rotation.
The difference between the middle element and the bottom element: The hand of the clock that led the counterclockwise rotation, is rotated 90 degrees back in a clockwise movement.

The logic from the rows’ perspective

The difference between the left element and the middle element: One of the hands rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise.
The difference between the middle element and the right element is a 180-degree rotation.

Personality Statement 1 of 2

I often worry about my past mistakes –

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

This statement examines how guilt-free you are. It tries to assess whether you are quick to justify yourself after making a mistake or whether you are prone to worry about past mistakes.

If you answered “Strongly Agree” and you would answer similarly in other cases, it means that you are mistake-averse and tend to feel guilty about your mistakes. It also means that you will do your best to avoid them.

This is an important quality for people who deal with science and very expensive materials, and any mistake of theirs might be costly for the employer. On the other hand, it is not a highly needed quality for online marketers who practice trial and error quite a lot.

Personality Statement 2 of 2

I prefer spending time with open and outgoing people –

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

This statement assesses how likely you are to enjoy being in a work environment with high social interaction.

If you agreed with the statement, you may prefer working closely with people and wish to avoid working on your own. If you are neutral about the statement, then maybe you can appreciate jobs with different measures of social interaction.

Alva Labs Logic Test score distribution statistical analysis. Source: iPREP
Alva Labs Logic Test score distribution statistical analysis. Source: iPREP

Well done!

You have completed the Sample Questions section.

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  1. Course Introduction
  2. Inductive & Abstract Reasoning Warm-Up
  3. The Basic Structure of The Matrix
  4. Matrix Problems Warm-Up
  5. Deciphering the Logic → Solving the Matrix
  6. Time Management Essentials
  7. Alva Labs-Style Logic Test Simulations – Test Yourself
  8. How to Pass Personality Tests
  9. Personality Assessment Test Simulations
  10. Course Conclusion

Customer testimonial

“An excellent course. I spent around two full days training through Iprep. Time well spent! It made me more confident and better at understanding the matrices as well as the personality test. My results were 9 out of 10 on the real employer test. Thank you!”

Hannes Rosario

July 3, 2023 at 9:41 AM


Johan S********

May 18, 2024 at 3:54 PM

Super helpful and clear explanations - can highly recommend this! It will make you understand patterns and techniques used in the real Alva Logic test.

Valentina M*************

May 2, 2024 at 8:44 AM

iPrep Alva Labs offers a comprehensive resource for test preparation, particularly for psychometric evaluations. Their structured approach and practice tests help build confidence and skills. Overall, it's a useful tool.

Valentina M*************

April 30, 2024 at 4:28 PM

Great tests, really recommend for anybody who wants to prepare for Alva Labs test. I have bought other tests, however they are not as quite similar as on iPrep

David L

April 29, 2024 at 3:49 AM

Really well structured course. Worth the time and investment. Easy to access, quick to get started and pertinent for those needing to take such tests in the future.

Henrik B*********

April 17, 2024 at 4:58 PM

iPREP is a very good and clear program to facilitate practice for the ALVA TEST. A big bonus is the easy to navigate menu and the guides.

Fredrik S*******

March 25, 2024 at 11:59 AM

Great format with step-by-step instructions and explanations that go through the logic behind each test question, can highly recommended it!

paul J******

March 18, 2024 at 4:36 AM

With all of the corporate HR shenangans that employees are faced with, the Alva test is the worst, it is great to see that there are options available to counteract these actions. Iprep is the equalizer.

Tom A****

March 13, 2024 at 10:03 AM

Before taking iPrep's course on logic testing I was scoring an average of 5/6. After taking the iPrep course, I scored a 8/9 (out of ten) and was asked to move on to the next stage of the interview process thanks to iPrep!

alex G******

February 29, 2024 at 1:33 PM

Somewhat useful, but the format of the actual Alva was totally different. I purchased another prep froma different provider and it proved to be much more useful

Vijay Deepak M********

February 28, 2024 at 3:46 PM

I was invited to a logic test from a potential employer with Alva. I tried the practice questions and found it difficult. Since I did not want to take a risk, I purchased the course and it is extremely useful. It teaches all the different techniques required to ace the test with confidence. Highly recommended.