How To Ace The Watson Glaser Test!

In the past, having a strong resume and a degree were enough to get you the job you wanted. Increasingly, though, hiring companies are looking at Watson Glaser test scores as well to determine whether you are a good fit. Scoring high and proving that you have good problem-solving skills will set you apart from the other candidates who are also hoping to get the same job.

What is the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser Test (WGGTA) is a pre-employment test that measures a candidate’s problem-solving and analytical skills. This test shows HR and hiring managers your ability to process information from different sources reasonably and creatively.

Watson Glaser at a glance

Scoring high will help your future employer determine whether you are a good enough candidate to move on to the next step in the hiring process and ultimately, welcome you on board.

What to Expect on the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser Test is comprised of a total of 40 multiple choice questions in five areas:

1. Inferences
2. Assumptions
3. Deductions
4. Interpretations
5. Evaluation of arguments

You will be given a total of 30 minutes in the timed version online to complete the test answering as many questions as you can in the allotted time, which means that you have just over one minute to answer each question. You can also opt for the pencil and paper version. 

There is no penalty for skipping an answer or for getting one wrong, so answer the ones you know and either skip the others or guess.

Your final score will contain the following information:

– Percentile: your percentile position within your peer group
– Stanine: your score on a nine-point scale (1-9)
– RawScore: the number of correct answers (out of 40)

Watson Glaser Fast Facts (tl;dr)

  • Total of 40 questions.
  • The test is 30 minutes long.
  • Question types: Inferences, assumptions, deductions, interpretations, and evaluation of arguments
  • Bring a form of ID.

5 Foolproof Waston Glaser Test Preparation Tips

1. Answer strictly based on the provided info

Answer each question solely based on the conditions and facts provided in the question, and not by using your own industry knowledge.

2. Read each question carefully and don’t skip paragraphs or sentences

You might encounter long questions which you may be tempted to skim through. Don’t! By quickly scanning the question, you may miss valuable information you will need to get the right answer. Read thoroughly and then make your decision.

3. Try finding logic in the statements

Answering each question in the Watson Glaser test requires finding a logical connection between the statements. Analyze the statements and try to find logic between them.

4. Learn to manage the time

Since there will be both long and short questions, the time spent on each question is difficult to assess in advance. However, through practice, you should know how to manage time without skipping any question. Learn to pace and compete with time. This tip only applies to the timed version of the test.

5. Plan and practice

Lastly, to ace any test, precise planning, and continuous practice are a must! Therefore, practice as many questions as you can beforehand.

Best Resources to Prepare for the Watson Glaser Test

To increase your chances of getting the job, make sure to get in some strong preparation time before taking the test. Practice online by following iPrep’s Watson Glaser Test practice resources.


Preparing in advance will help you feel more confident when you are taking the exam, which will help you do well. If you practice taking as many simulated tests as possible, you will help boost your skills and relieve your stress on test day. This will also allow you to perform better and help your potential employer recognize your talents, and hopefully, you will be able to move on to the next step and get the job you want.