The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) by Wonderlic Inc. is a powerful assessment tool that measures your cognitive abilities. The main purpose of this test is to assess your cognitive abilities and predict your job performance. It helps employers make informed hiring decisions and improve their employee retention through the highly accurate and predictive test results.

The Wonderlic Test is a cognitive ability test administered in one of two formats: (1) 30 questions in 8 minutes or (2) 50 questions in 12 minutes. The average score of the longer and more popular version is 20, although different jobs may require higher or lower minimum scores. The test’s short time frame pushes candidates to think quickly while under stress.

The Wonderlic Test measures your capacity to:

  • Learn a specific job
  • Solve problems
  • Follow given instructions
  • Adapt existing knowledge to new situations
  • Benefit from specific job training
  • Be satisfied with a particular job

Its questions are primary math, vocabulary, and grammar-based, and they test your serial and logical thinking, abstract thinking, analogies, similarities, critical thinking, idioms, number series, and other complex math problems.

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Once you have finished the test, a powerful report containing valid, reliable and objective information is sent to the employer. The employers set a minimum target score for each particular position and for you to achieve that position, you must reach or exceed that score. Based on your score, your report will be marked pursue, cautionary, or not recommended by Wonderlic’s advanced scoring system and the employer will decide how to proceed further with you accordingly in the hiring process.

There are two test versions consisting of 30 or 50 questions, each with their own time limit of 8 minutes or 12 minutes respectively.

Thousands of organizations, firms, industries, and private companies use the Wonderlic cognitive ability test to predict job potential before moving on to call a prospective employee for an in-person interview. There are two versions:

  • Wonderlic Personnel Test Quickest (WPT-Q) – 30 questions with an 8-minute time limit
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-Revised) – 50 questions with a 12-minute time limit

Although both the Quickest and the Revised versions are administered online, you might also find the latter administered in paper form with supervision by an employer. If you pass WPT-Q which is conducted first, you will be asked to take WPT-R as a follow-up.

Since the Wonderlic cognitive ability test is usually administered online, you will need a computer with a strong internet connection. The scoring and reporting is available online and produces a comprehensive and intuitive report within a few minutes of completion. The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is suitable for both an individual as well as a large group of candidates.

Wonderlic Test Features

1. Assesses your cognitive abilities

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is used by several industries to assess candidates’ abilities before hiring an employee. The test measures your mental abilities such as the ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and comprehend instructions. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test includes questions that are related to mathematics, vocabulary, and grammar as well as logical thinking, serial thinking, and abstract thinking skills. It provides a report scoring your cognitive capabilities, which can be near-impossible to assess through a resume or an interview with the hiring managers.

2. Creates a comprehensive report

After taking the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, a highly personalized report displaying scores that accurately reflect your cognitive abilities and predicting the potential for a job position is created. The report helps the employer make an easy and quick decision regarding the hiring process. In the report, your ability to perform well within the desired position is marked by a color system of green, yellow or, red against the ideal score required for the position.

The report also contains an analysis of each and every question and it will show you where you need to improve. Thus, you will find your result expressed in the form of narrative interpretations, IQ equivalent, and percentile score. Since the test is standardized, it is also possible for your employer to compare your result with other applicants and with the professional standards.

3. Assists in hiring decisions

The score you receive on the WPT provides recruiters with the ability to make informed decisions. The Wonderlic test provides all the valuable information, such as average test scores required for a particular occupation, learning style recommended for the candidates to accomplish, etc. The test provides all your cognitive ability scores in a comprehensive and intuitive format so the hiring process becomes an easier job.

Technical Facts

Two test versions

The test has two versions: WPT Quickest (WPT-Q) containing 30 questions and WPT Revised (WPT-R) containing 50 questions. You will be given a total of 8 minutes and 12 minutes respectively to answer all the questions in each test.

After completing the WPT Test, a comprehensive report will be produced that reveals the test score for a particular occupation, score range, and learning styles. The report, however, will be delivered to and viewed by your hiring manager who will use it to decide whether to select you or not. The questions of the WPT Revised (WPT-R) are different from those of the WPT Quickest (WPT-Q) but their structure is similar. The test is generally administered online and therefore, you will need an internet access and a computer to take it.

Results Scale and Interpretations

You can obtain a maximum score of 50 and a minimum score of 0 in both the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R) and the Wonderlic Personnel Test–Quicktest (WPT-Q). Each question has a point value of 1 in the WPT-R and 1.66 in the WPT-Q. You get points for answering a question correctly but you don’t lose any points of skipping questions or answering a question incorrectly.

The scale and interpretations of the Wonderlic test will be viewed by your potential employers to determine whether you are an eligible candidate or not. There is already a pre-determined target score for particular positions, for example: 32 for System Analyst, 31 for Chemist, 29 for Programmer, 29 for Teacher, 23 for Nurse, 22 for Bank Teller, 17 for Welder, and 15 for Warehouseman. You must reach or exceed that score on the Wonderlic cognitive ability test to be able to proceed in the hiring process.

Based upon your test performance, your Wonderlic Personnel Test report will reveal your suitability for a position through a three-color system of green, red and yellow representing three categories: pursue, cautionary and not recommended. For instance: Richard takes the test for the position of a programmer at XYZ company who has pre-determined a minimum target score of 29, and scores 30 on the test. Since he is able to meet the minimum requirement, he will be selected as a good candidate and will be called for a face-to-face interview. If his score was 28, the report would warn the employer to be cautious with the candidate. Whereas if he had obtained lesser than 28, XYZ would reject him.

If you do pass the QuickTest with at least a minimum score, you will be qualified to take a full-length Wonderlic Practice Test (WPT-R) where you will need to answer 50 questions that are similar in content and format to the WPT-Q test.

Here’s is a sample Wonderlic Personnel Test report:

Wonderlic Personnel Test report
Wonderlic Personnel Test report


Wonderlic Test Tips

Here are some tips to help you easily and successfully complete the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test:

  1. Be ready for increasing difficulty – As you proceed through the test, the level of difficulty will increase. However, every question is valued the same way regardless of its placement and difficulty.
  2. No penalty for a wrong answer – Your total score will be calculated by counting the number questions you answered correctly. Therefore, try to answer every question correctly to get a good score. But don’t worry about a wrong answer as no points will be deducted from your score.
  3. Skip and move on – If you are stuck on a particular question and think that it is taking a long time to answer, save time and move on to the next one.
  4. Guess if you have to- After going through all the questions, go back to the remaining ones and try to answer them or make your best-educated guesses.
  5. Practice reading – Reading will improve your reading comprehension and will help you build up a strong vocabulary – all of which are required for the test.
  6. Practice Math – Sharpen your brain by practicing mathematical equations. Typically the math questions on the WPT are limited to simple algebra.
  7. Get used to the time limitation – Get used to the time limitation of the test by practicing WPT sample tests within the proposed time limit.


The Wonderlic cognitive ability test is generally administered online. The WPT-Q is usually non-proctored and can be taken at home by candidates, whereas WPT-R is usually proctored and is taken at the institute. The scoring and reporting will also occur online to produce a comprehensive and intuitive report within a few minutes after the completion of the test.

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Test Provider

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is designed by Wonderlic, Inc., established more than 70 years ago and headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois. It has produced more than 200 million assessments and surveys and offered them to over 75,000 organizations, government agencies, and accrediting bodies. Wonderlic, Inc. is a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers. Wonderlic offers the test to various businesses and schools who have a high assessment standard. Surveys like the Wonderlic test are helping them in the process of hiring candidates and selecting students.

Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (Wonderlic SLE)

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, also known as Wonderlic SLE, is similar to the Wonderlic Personnel Test, only it measures the scholastic level of applicants to various academic institutes, usually occupational colleges and trade studies institutes. The SLE report is used by institutes to assess the cognitive abilities of students in order to make the best enrollment decisions. The SLE score is considered to be a great predictor of a student’s future GPA score.

Disclaimer – All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes. iPrep is not affiliated with Wonderlic, Inc., which is the owner of the Wonderlic Personnel Test.

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