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Apprentice aptitude tests assess candidates who want to eventually enter jobs for licensed electricians, technicians, plumbers, carpenters, pipefitters, electricians, or dozens of other professions. The exams contain questions in subjects such as algebra, reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, arithmetic computation, geometry, mechanics, and writing skills.

The tests are timed. You have a short time to answer each question. If you prepare in advance, you will shorten your test-taking time.

They have been developed specifically to assist in the selection of apprentices for the respective apprenticeship programs. Passing an apprenticeship aptitude test is pre-requisite for starting an apprenticeship, which is why it is imperative to be prepared. There is a multitude of exams that are given to potential apprentices. They will vary based on the type of job you want.

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The apprenticeship aptitude test can refer to many different tests, including the following:

  • Ironworker Aptitude Test
  • Plumber Aptitude Test
  • Carpentry Aptitude Test
  • Pipefitter Aptitude Test
  • Sheet Metal Aptitude Test
  • Pipefitter Aptitude Test
  • Bricklayer and Allied Craftworker Aptitude test
  • Floor Layer Aptitude Test
  • Glazier Aptitude Test
  • Heat and Frost Insulator Aptitude Test
  • Laborer Aptitude Test
  • Engineering Aptitude Test
  • Painter Aptitude Test

Various Types of Apprentice Aptitude Tests

Ironworker: The Ironworkers Apprenticeship Test contains math questions with problems in algebra and geometry, mechanics questions, and essays about daily ironworkers’ scenarios.

Pipefitter: The Pipefitter Apprenticeship Test is administered in both the US and Canada. Both tests include questions in reading comprehension, math, and science. On the US test, there are also questions on special reasoning and mechanical ability.

Plumbing: The Plumbing Apprenticeship Aptitude Test includes questions in English – spelling and reading comprehension; and math – basic math skills, units of measurement, geometry, and conversion.

Carpenter: The Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship Aptitude Test typically includes questions in the following subjects: reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, pattern analysis, arithmetic computation, arithmetic reasoning, basic mathematics, and science.

Bricklayer and Allied Craftworker: The Bricklayer and Allied Craftworker Apprenticeship test includes basic math problems.

Floor Layer: The Floor Layer Apprenticeship Test assesses your knowledge of mathematics and requires at an 80% score for you to pass to next stage.

Glazier: The Glazier Apprenticeship Aptitude Test assesses your knowledge of mathematics and requires at an 80% score for you to pass to next stage.

Heat and Frost Insulator: The Heat and Frost Insulator Apprenticeship Test requires previous knowledge in math, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, and metal and electrical shop work.

Laborer: The Laborer Apprenticeship Aptitude Test measures your skills in construction, hand and power tools, machinery, safety, reading, and math.

Operating Engineer: The Operating Engineer Apprentice Assessment includes questions in math and reading comprehension.

Painter: The Painter Apprentice Aptitude test assesses your knowledge of mathematics and requires at an 80% score for you to pass to next stage.

Sheet Metal Worker: The Sheet Metal Worker Aptitude Test assesses your skills in math and reading comprehension.

Electrician: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) test has questions in algebra and functions and reading comprehension. Candidates should plan on spending approximately 3 hours at the test center. To proceed to the next step, applicants must receive a minimum score of 4 out of 9. The Electrical Aptitude test is coverd by iPrep separately.

EIAT: The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT), developed by International Union of Elevator Construction and National Elevator Industry, is a pre-employment assessment test which helps enhance your skills and knowledge within the elevator industry. The EIAT test is coverd by iPrep separately.

Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice

The benefits of apprenticeship include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Start receiving a paycheck right away – you will start earning your pay even before you are fully-trained.
  2. Get hands-on career training – you will learn on the job while you are earning for the next one to four years as an apprentice.
  3. Have an automatic career – you can ease into your next position because you have not only been trained but have a resume that shows work experience as well.
  4. Join a union – you can become part of a trade union such as the IUEC or IBEW. Every union has locals which are responsible for drafting apprentices in their area. Once you are a member of a union, you will enjoy its benefits and support throughout your career.

Some of the basic requirements include:

  • Minimum age of 18, but some apprenticeships can start at age 16
  • Proof that you have passed an annual course
  • Some apprenticeships require previous work experience
  • High school transcript
  • Personal interview

Test Benefits

Get a job in the industry

Candidates can rely on apprentice aptitude tests to be the most up to date. You will want to have the most current training if you want to get the job in your chosen industry.

Simple and candidate-accessible

It is of utmost importance to practice for the test and to focus on achieving a passing score. To take the test, all you have to do is to apply. Once you receive confirmation, you can take the test. If you pass, you will move onto the interview round. Good overall scores in these sections will help you on your way to becoming an apprentice, which is a great jumping-off point for your career.

Help candidates become licensed

Once you start your apprenticeship, you are well on your way to becoming a licensed carpenter, pipefitter, electrician, plumber, or ironworker.

Technical Facts

Timed test

Each test is different, but they are almost all timed, which is why it is essential to practice in advance and be ready to answer each question correctly as quickly as possible. Here are some examples of possible test structures:

  • Multiple-choice questions in electrical concepts, mechanical reasoning, numerical, grammar, technical, and reading comprehension.
  • 69 multiple-choice questions in algebra and reading comprehension; 96-minute time limit.
  • 10 questions in math, reading comprehension, and practical applications; 10-minute time limit; 80% minimum score required.

Application process

When you apply to become an apprentice, you will have to complete the following application process:

  1. Apply for the apprenticeship aptitude test. You will probably be required to show proof of a diploma or high school equivalency.
  2. Take the test. This is where you can shine if you practice enough in advance for the exam.
  3. Undergo an interview.


Bring photo ID. If you forget your ID at home, you will not be allowed to take the test and you will lose your registration fee.

No calculators are permitted.

Is the test taken online?

The test is usually computerized and will be administered at the closest local testing station.

What should I study for the test?

We recommend that you have at least a basic command of high-school-level reading comprehension and basic math skills to be comfortable taking the exam. Practicing with iPrep will improve your scores and help you get ready for exam day.

Are there other tests once I become an apprentice?

At the end of your chosen apprenticeship, you must pass the journeyman exam to become a certified tradesperson holder. This is a difficult professional exam, which is also sometimes referred to as an “apprenticeship exam” as it is taken at the end of the apprenticeship. However, it should not be confused with the pre-apprenticeship exam, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the “apprenticeship exam” because it comes before the apprenticeship.

The pre-apprenticeship test is very crucial. On the one hand, you do not need to prove professional knowledge, only basic skills. On the other hand, if one doesn’t pass it, one will not get the chance to gain professional knowledge and to become a skilled tradesman or a tradeswoman.

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Where do I take the Apprenticeship Aptitude Test?

The test will be administered at your closest apprenticeship aptitude testing station or at your local union aptitude testing center.

Is there anything I should bring on the day of the test?

Bring a valid photo ID.

Disclaimer– All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes. iPrep is not affiliated with any of the test providers mentioned.

About this Course

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Welcome to iPrep’s Apprenticeship Aptitude Test course.

This course will help you boost your skills and with it your confidence towards your upcoming Apprenticeship Aptitude Test . This is the kind of test that you need to pass in order to be accepted to the apprenticeship program. The course will provide you with the following tools and benefits:

  • You will become familiar with the test’s various types of questions.
  • You will be given a full-length Apprenticeship-style simulation test. This simulation is divided into two sections – the Algebra and Functions section and the Reading Comprehension section. Each section includes similar questions to those you might encounter in the real test with the same level of difficulty. They also have a time limit just as the real test does. Experiencing the test’s time pressure will ensure it will not come as a surprise on test day.
  • You will be provided with a great variety of helpful tips for the different types of questions. Some of the tips are in the introductory sections while most are in the detailed explanations that follow each question.

9.0 Learning Hours2+6 Practice Tests282 Questions30 Day Access

By the end of this course, you will be more knowledgeable and comfortable with the aptitude test – Knowledge and familiarity with the test are the two most significant factors that can help you maximize your score and improve your chances of success.

The course is comprised of both practice and learning sessions. We will guide you through learning lessons with essential information about your upcoming apprenticeship aptitude test. These lessons will help you understand the underlying technics that are essential for succeeding in the test.

The course is then concluded by its core component – simulating full-length tests that follow the structure and concepts of the Apprenticeship Aptitude Test.  Once done, you will be able to get full question explanations and even see how well you performed in comparison with other people who have taken the test.

Wishing you an enjoyable learning experience!

Skills You Will Learn

Basic mathBasic algebra & functionsReading comprehension


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Question Types Introduction
  3. Test-Taking Tips
  4. Full-Length Apprenticeship-Style Aptitude Test Simulations
  5. Course Conclusion


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